28 February 2013

They plan your crucifixion as we speak

Outfit credits: Ebay coat, Carlings knitted sweater, Dr Denim jeans, H&M scarf, Jeffrey Campbell co. Nasty Gal heels, Claire's cross necklace, assorted rings.

I need to wear these heels out more often. I tend to forget how comfortable they are between the times. And I need to break in my Everests, so they are just as comfy.

I love internet shopping, but I hate waiting for packages. I've ordered some stuff that have been on my want-list forever, and I won't get it until the end of next week at the earliest. Now I just want time to pass real quick, or I will forget all the outfits I've got planned!

Only two more days 'til the Killers.

ps. Wearing a jacket and a scarf on top of your sweater does not count as layering. It just means it's freaking cold outside. Just putting it out there, you know... ds.

27 February 2013

Be Still

Outfit credits: BikBok shirt, H&M leotard, Dr Denim Jeans, Dr Martens boots, ebay triangle necklace. 

Yesterday's outfit. Loving how the hair turned out. The orange is indeed pretty intense, especially my fringe and by the roots, but less so at the tips. It's a relatively "natural" orange shade though, a bit golden brownish, and not like neon, which is good. So I can pretend it's my natural hair colour, at least until my roots start showing again.

Only three more days until I get to see the Killers again. If you've been around my blogs for a while you know they're about equal to Lady Gaga to me. I'm beginning to freak out.

25 February 2013


Because today is payday so I could finally buy the orange hair dye I wanted. Proper ginger now. So glad I finally found some permanent intense orange colours. Last time I was a redhead I had to dye it with Directions semi-permanent, that washed out after a week. This should last way longer. I used L'oreal Feria Mango Intense Copper, and I am very pleased. Was a bit surprised that it turned my roots orange as well (they're really dark blonde). But then again, this is actually the first time I use a hair dye that isn't really dark, semi-permanent or bleach.

At 22.30 I decided it was a good idea to do my hair and pretend I was the main character in Brave, but with a bob. Thereof these webcam photos. I can't really tell you if they do the colour justice of not, because I am yet to see it in proper light myself. I'm not 100% sure how intense the orange really is. It might be a bit brownish. But nevermind, I'm ginger, soulless and happy.

And I know you're all real jelly of this shirt that my parents got me in Paris!


Star Trek Voyager

I'm being nostalgic lately, watching shows I used to be on TV when I was a kid. I still got the second season of Boomtown to watch, but it really took a dive in season 2 (I totally see why it was cancelled now, I don't even know how it can get so much worse so fast?), so I've moved on to Star Trek Voyager. I've never been a trekkie, I've never watched any of the other Star Strek series (weird really, 'cause it's just up my ally), but I completely adore Captain Janeway. She's so awesome, adorably awkward, and just great at everything.

Other things on my list of things I plan on watching during my trip down fangirl memory lane are Boston Public and Crossing Jordan. But I've got six more seasons of space goodness to get through first.

24 February 2013

Picture Diary / 22 Feb / Stay

1. Sara and I. Hard to believe she's my baby sis, right?

2. Outfit.

3. Sara has hair just like Emma Swan when she flattens it, but unlike Emma, she's actually cool and badass.

4. Hillevi, life of the party!

5. Pic by Kristoffer. It was un-matching outfit friday.

23 February 2013

Pretty in Pink

Being ginger for the second time in my life, I feel the old cravings of wearing pastel pink returning to me. It's mostly because last time my hair was bright orange I watched Pretty in Pink for the first time, and as you all surely know, Molly Ringwald can pull off ginger+pink like no one else. 

Only problem is that, as much as I always loved pink, I have very little clothes in the colour. I'm normally an all-black kinda girl. I'm gonna have to go though my stuff now and dig up whatever I may have. But the point is, I wouldn't mind one (or all) of the items in the pictures.

Life of the

Outfit credits: H&M dress and scarf, Have2Have.se boots, Claire's cross necklace.

I was at a party last night, at my friend Malvina's house. This is basically my outfit, apart from not having done my hair or put on my face yet. 

I've been silently longing for some sort of tight leopard printed top/dress/leotard/whatever for the longest of time (like years!), and it's just been one of those things that I always prioritize down when I shop. But I was at complete loss about what to wear yesterday, and I only even decided to go two nights before the party, and I knew they had this dress at H&M for only 99sek. So I got it. I like it because it's in pretty dark colours, has big spots and is symetrical. With my hair done I ended up looking kinda like a Spice Girl, so I was pretty pleased. I have some iPhone/instagram photos, from the evening, so I'll make a picture diary-post later.


21 February 2013

UNIF spring collection wanties

All from Dollskill.com

One of the things I plan on doing here on my new blog, is to start making posts like this. I had a sprtict policy on Monster Youth to never post pictures that aren't mine, but I'm not gonna have that here. The reason I had it before was because Monster Youth was supposed to be an art blog in the beginning, but as I gained more followers, most of them from Lookbook, it turned into a fashion blog somewhere along the line. But this now blog is sort of a new start. I have a website for my art now, so this can be an actual personal fashion blog. Which means I don't want to limit my personal-style posts to things I own, but also write about things that I wish I owned. 'Cause imagine how much more badass we would all be if we could actually afford all the things we want?

I'm a sucker for Unif. I wish I had more clothes from them. AS it is now I have the Gwen skirt and the Evil Face sweater that I got from Famous Ape (I still can't wrap my head around the fact that we actually have a shop here that carries Unif at all). These are some new Unif pieces that I would love to rock this spring/summer. I'm gonna go around to Famous Ape someday in a not to distant future to see if they have anything of it. My absolute favourite piece of these are the black cardigan with the eye in the bottom corner. It's just heavenly.

I have never shopped at Dollskill, since I refrain from using American sites, due to customs. But from what I've heard it's alright.

20 February 2013

Picture Diary / 7-20 Feb / Boomtown

1. Green-screening. So cool, you guys! I hope you all get to try it out sometime!2. My Valentine aka Romeo climbing up the roof to see me, and almost falling down. 3. Another bleach and I am now properly ginger again (with pink roots still, though). Love it. 4. They look tastier than they are. But tasty enough to be worth it.5. Public transport <3 No, seriously, I love it.6. Since I'm a natural blonde gone ginger, and if blondes have more fun, and gingers don't have souls, can you imagine how awesome my life is?7. There's this show, Boomtown, from 2002 that I watched when I was around 12. It was one of my very first TV-obsessions. One of my strongest memories from that time is that I remember the TV host saying it was going to return for another season (in the fall she said, in the fall), but it never did, because it was cancelled in the US just two episodes into the second season. Obviously I didn't know this because I was a kid and hardly knew what the internet was, and streaming was science fiction. I've been meaning to watch it again forever, and a while ago I was imdb-ing (that is NOT a real verb) it, and it turned out no one other than my beloved LANA PARRILLA (aka Regina from Once) was in it! So now I'm almost done with season 1, and every time she comes on I go 'YAAAY' and awkwardy wave my hands in excitement. I'm serious, I do. And it's really fun because I remember bits and pieces from episodes that I haven't seen in nearly ten years. I even remembered who the killer was in one episode. Sorry this turned out so long, but I'm so excited about this show, it makes me nostalgic, in the good way.    

19 February 2013

White as Snow

Outfit credits: dressestylist.com dress

Got another gown from msdressy, isn't it lovely?! I think it might be my favourite so far, especially how it's cut!

Don't miss out on these coupons, guys. They're still valid for a few more hours/days!

$20 off: 733fc3482e  (valid up to Feb. 20th)
$30 off: 36ba600e47 (valid up to Feb. 20th)
$50 off: 849193c2a6  (valid up to March 5th)
There's no minimum spend for the $20 and $30, but for the $50 it's $300. Orders placed after Jan. 20th won't be shipped until after Feb. 26th.

18 February 2013

Once upon a shut the fuck up

If you follow me on twitter, you can't possibly have missed my weekly Once Upon a Time rants. If you hang out with me irl on a regular basis you know that I hate that show with every inch of my being, but yet I watch it every week. Why, you ask? Because I really really really like Lana Parrilla aka Evil Queen Regina. She's one of those actresses I'm obsessed with and watch things just because she's in it. Like Once for example. 

I've decided just now, after seeing some spoilers from the episode that aired last night, that I'm gonna stop watching. For now at least. Maybe by the end of the season, if the tumblr spoilers tells me it's gonna be alright (as if?!), I might take it up. But right now I just had enough of that shows bullshit and logic gaps. And since the only characters that I don't think is utter crap is Regina and Cora, who are both probably gonna end up getting killed off or just dumped in even more shit as the show continues, I just can't do it anymore. Also, I am a Swan Queen shipper, and that's just never gonna be canon, so what's the point? What a plot twist that would have been, though.

The worst part is that it could have been so good. It has all the pieces of the puzzle, but it's being put together oh so very wrong. Such a shame, and so annoying. 

Forever kudos to Lana though, who is doing an amazing job and should get all the awards.

Everyone's to blame

Outfit credits: Ebay coat, H&M dress and scarf, Dr Martens boots.

(Touched up my hair again. It's more orange now and I love it.)

I'll be double posting on here and my old blog for a couple of more days, then I'll just be here. All bloglovin' followers have been moved here, and I'll link this blog to my facebook soon as well. 

My e-mail account is currently down. I can't receive mails.  I don't know why, probably something wrong with the malinz.com domain. I'm working on it, though. I'm having some serious angst about this. Waiting for some really important replies from various places, and I don't know what happens if they are sent to me while my mail isn't working, if I ever get them or if they're lost. Real awkward if I don't and I have to mail around asking if they sent me a reply or not. Have any of you had this problem? Do you know what it might be? I use g-mail. I've messaged my website host about it but am yet to get a reply. Never mind, it just started working again!