23 February 2013

Life of the

Outfit credits: H&M dress and scarf, Have2Have.se boots, Claire's cross necklace.

I was at a party last night, at my friend Malvina's house. This is basically my outfit, apart from not having done my hair or put on my face yet. 

I've been silently longing for some sort of tight leopard printed top/dress/leotard/whatever for the longest of time (like years!), and it's just been one of those things that I always prioritize down when I shop. But I was at complete loss about what to wear yesterday, and I only even decided to go two nights before the party, and I knew they had this dress at H&M for only 99sek. So I got it. I like it because it's in pretty dark colours, has big spots and is symetrical. With my hair done I ended up looking kinda like a Spice Girl, so I was pretty pleased. I have some iPhone/instagram photos, from the evening, so I'll make a picture diary-post later.


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