18 February 2013

Once upon a shut the fuck up

If you follow me on twitter, you can't possibly have missed my weekly Once Upon a Time rants. If you hang out with me irl on a regular basis you know that I hate that show with every inch of my being, but yet I watch it every week. Why, you ask? Because I really really really like Lana Parrilla aka Evil Queen Regina. She's one of those actresses I'm obsessed with and watch things just because she's in it. Like Once for example. 

I've decided just now, after seeing some spoilers from the episode that aired last night, that I'm gonna stop watching. For now at least. Maybe by the end of the season, if the tumblr spoilers tells me it's gonna be alright (as if?!), I might take it up. But right now I just had enough of that shows bullshit and logic gaps. And since the only characters that I don't think is utter crap is Regina and Cora, who are both probably gonna end up getting killed off or just dumped in even more shit as the show continues, I just can't do it anymore. Also, I am a Swan Queen shipper, and that's just never gonna be canon, so what's the point? What a plot twist that would have been, though.

The worst part is that it could have been so good. It has all the pieces of the puzzle, but it's being put together oh so very wrong. Such a shame, and so annoying. 

Forever kudos to Lana though, who is doing an amazing job and should get all the awards.

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