20 February 2013

Picture Diary / 7-20 Feb / Boomtown

1. Green-screening. So cool, you guys! I hope you all get to try it out sometime!2. My Valentine aka Romeo climbing up the roof to see me, and almost falling down. 3. Another bleach and I am now properly ginger again (with pink roots still, though). Love it. 4. They look tastier than they are. But tasty enough to be worth it.5. Public transport <3 No, seriously, I love it.6. Since I'm a natural blonde gone ginger, and if blondes have more fun, and gingers don't have souls, can you imagine how awesome my life is?7. There's this show, Boomtown, from 2002 that I watched when I was around 12. It was one of my very first TV-obsessions. One of my strongest memories from that time is that I remember the TV host saying it was going to return for another season (in the fall she said, in the fall), but it never did, because it was cancelled in the US just two episodes into the second season. Obviously I didn't know this because I was a kid and hardly knew what the internet was, and streaming was science fiction. I've been meaning to watch it again forever, and a while ago I was imdb-ing (that is NOT a real verb) it, and it turned out no one other than my beloved LANA PARRILLA (aka Regina from Once) was in it! So now I'm almost done with season 1, and every time she comes on I go 'YAAAY' and awkwardy wave my hands in excitement. I'm serious, I do. And it's really fun because I remember bits and pieces from episodes that I haven't seen in nearly ten years. I even remembered who the killer was in one episode. Sorry this turned out so long, but I'm so excited about this show, it makes me nostalgic, in the good way.    

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