25 February 2013


Because today is payday so I could finally buy the orange hair dye I wanted. Proper ginger now. So glad I finally found some permanent intense orange colours. Last time I was a redhead I had to dye it with Directions semi-permanent, that washed out after a week. This should last way longer. I used L'oreal Feria Mango Intense Copper, and I am very pleased. Was a bit surprised that it turned my roots orange as well (they're really dark blonde). But then again, this is actually the first time I use a hair dye that isn't really dark, semi-permanent or bleach.

At 22.30 I decided it was a good idea to do my hair and pretend I was the main character in Brave, but with a bob. Thereof these webcam photos. I can't really tell you if they do the colour justice of not, because I am yet to see it in proper light myself. I'm not 100% sure how intense the orange really is. It might be a bit brownish. But nevermind, I'm ginger, soulless and happy.

And I know you're all real jelly of this shirt that my parents got me in Paris!


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