25 February 2013

Star Trek Voyager

I'm being nostalgic lately, watching shows I used to be on TV when I was a kid. I still got the second season of Boomtown to watch, but it really took a dive in season 2 (I totally see why it was cancelled now, I don't even know how it can get so much worse so fast?), so I've moved on to Star Trek Voyager. I've never been a trekkie, I've never watched any of the other Star Strek series (weird really, 'cause it's just up my ally), but I completely adore Captain Janeway. She's so awesome, adorably awkward, and just great at everything.

Other things on my list of things I plan on watching during my trip down fangirl memory lane are Boston Public and Crossing Jordan. But I've got six more seasons of space goodness to get through first.

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