21 February 2013

UNIF spring collection wanties

All from Dollskill.com

One of the things I plan on doing here on my new blog, is to start making posts like this. I had a sprtict policy on Monster Youth to never post pictures that aren't mine, but I'm not gonna have that here. The reason I had it before was because Monster Youth was supposed to be an art blog in the beginning, but as I gained more followers, most of them from Lookbook, it turned into a fashion blog somewhere along the line. But this now blog is sort of a new start. I have a website for my art now, so this can be an actual personal fashion blog. Which means I don't want to limit my personal-style posts to things I own, but also write about things that I wish I owned. 'Cause imagine how much more badass we would all be if we could actually afford all the things we want?

I'm a sucker for Unif. I wish I had more clothes from them. AS it is now I have the Gwen skirt and the Evil Face sweater that I got from Famous Ape (I still can't wrap my head around the fact that we actually have a shop here that carries Unif at all). These are some new Unif pieces that I would love to rock this spring/summer. I'm gonna go around to Famous Ape someday in a not to distant future to see if they have anything of it. My absolute favourite piece of these are the black cardigan with the eye in the bottom corner. It's just heavenly.

I have never shopped at Dollskill, since I refrain from using American sites, due to customs. But from what I've heard it's alright.

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