31 March 2013

New in

Thin coat from Monki, leather imitation jacket from Cubus. (Heels from ebay, dress from H&M.)

I don't even know. They're just both amazing on so many levels. The coat is a bit thin for the weather we're still having here, but it'll work fine as a layering piece for now, and on it's own in the summer. And do you realise how hard it is to get hold of a long leather jacket that doesn't cost a fortune or weighs a ton? And on top on being the fit I've been searching for for ages, it's in matte "leather", and not shiny, which makes it look a bit more exclusive. It was instant love. 

/ for sale
Due to me finding this jacket of my dreams I am now selling my other leather jacket, the over size one made of real leather. I never use it, and the chance that I will start is non-existent now. For Swedish readers: check out the tradera auction! If you're not from Sweden but are interested anyway, you can e-mail me on malin@malinz.com (for pictures, check the tradera auction as well).

Hair inspo

Merge these two hair styles together and then that's what I want.

Pictures borrowed from Christeric and Style by Kling

30 March 2013

Body of Proof

Outfit credits: Ebay coat, Gina tricot sweater, Weekday tee, Dr Denim jeans, Fanny Lyckman for Estradeur c/o Nelly.com platforms.

I started watching Body of Proof yesterday. I'm not really done with ST:VOY yet, but the next logical episode for me to watch is Endgame (the finale), but I'm putting it of because I know that 7 and Chuckles hook up at the end and I refuse to accept it, since he's a fucktard and not good enough for my darling Borg princess. So, Body of Proof. Because Jeri Ryan (the LADY BOSS), obviously. But also Dana Delany. I've only seen three episodes, but so far I really like it. It's right up my alley, with crime, dead bodies and arrogant geniuses. Don't judge me on my taste in TV-shows. Or rather, please do, so you know what to expect from me.

I got some great new spring outerwear today, by the way, that I can't wait to show you! I'll try to do a post with them tomorrow or on Monday!

And another by the way: the tee is new, and I got it as a replacement for this shirt, that I ruined ages ago, by spilling hair dye on it. Twice. (Surprise,)

Malin out.


Spontaneus trip to town with mum and my sisters awaits, in my new tee from Weekday. I'm having a good make-up day, but a not quite as good hair-day. I took some outfit photos just now that I hope turned out well enough, we'll see later. 

And I'm just gonna go ahead and put it out there that just because I have a pentagram on my shirt, it doesn't make me a satanist. That is not what a pentagram means. Before anyone freaks out about it, research.

Malin out.

29 March 2013

When fear tells me to turn around

Outfit credits: Ebay coat, New Look denim jacket, H&M scarf, dress and leggings, vintage backpack, Fanny Lyckman for Estradeur c/o Nelly.com platforms. 

As you can tell, winter is yet to give way in this poor excuse of a town. I did wear double jackets. But I was brave despite snow and wind and rocked my killer platforms. I tripped two or three times, but only because they feel so much like regular sneakers that I forgot that I was five inches taller than usual. And considering the distance I walked, it's nothing. And Sanna was there every time for me to grab onto, to save me not only from falling over, but also from the pending awkwardness. And it was very nice to be closer to average height than usual (I'm 159cm, so with these on I'm 170). So weird looking down on people on the train!

As you may or may not notice, I've removed the big golden tags from the shoes' tongue, for the following reasons: 1. I'm a crazy-ass DIYer who just can't leave good things alone, 2. They were so sharp in the edges I actually cut myself tying the shoes the first time, 3. I made extra holes so I could tie the shoe all the way up on the ancle, so said sharp edges were starting to cut into the laces, 4. I don't like gold details on "staple" shoes, 5. the tags were just kinda in the way. I'm telling you guys that if this is something you may or may not want to do on your shoes for any of said reasons, that it's totally do-able. You do have to cut them off though, with a scissor/tiny knife, and it will leave holes. But maybe you, like me, prefer this to the alternative. 

But other than the golden tags having it in for me, I stand by my statement that these platforms are pretty great. Easy to walk in as long as you don't forget about the extra inches when walking on uneven ground/stairs. 

Also, good hair day! Still (not so) patiently waiting for my roots to grow out, though.

Jelly Sandals

I know, I know, I get new shoes ALL THE TIME, but I'm having a serious craving for jelly sandals. I just can't decide which colour I want. Right now I'm mostly torn between the black ones and the glittery transparent. Black would go better with most of my clothes, but I just think see-through ones are so adorable! Seeing as it's going to be a statement shoe for me either way, I'm leaning more against just going all the way with it and get the glittery. Gonna spend a while longer thinking on it, I think. It's not like I'll be able to wear them for month to come with the weather we're having, is it?

28 March 2013

If the shoe fits

Killer Platform from Fanny Lyckman for Estradeur at Nelly.com.

So obviously I made the right choice, ordering the 36. They're a great fit! Also, they are super light and easy as pie to walk in. At least indoors. Gonna wear them out tomorrow, and if I trip and fall on the cobblestones I'll let you know.

3 years

Summer come back all is forgiven.

27 March 2013

New in

Hats from Famous Ape. Can't wait to rock the beanie!

26 March 2013

Sore Eyes

Outfit credits: Bikbok coat, Carlings sweater, Glamorous disco pants, H&M scarf and sunglasses, Monki socks, Converse sneakers. 

Same old, same old outfit, but look at them socks, dudez! They've got them eyes on them!

24 March 2013


Because of the poor lighting that is always after 1800 hours at this (and most) time of year, I was unable to take a picture that shows the actual shade of my hair. I contemplated not posting this, but then I figured that this was better than nothing. I rather you have some (visual) idea of what's going on on (in) my head, than just try and figure out what I mean from what I write.  

Basically, what's going on is that I put in this dark blonde toner from Schwarzkopf Poly Color. I had about half and hour of internal freak out afterwards, before it dried, because I thought that I had done it "wrong" (as in my own personal definition of the word), and it wouldn't look as I wanted it to. But as it actually dried, I realised there was no cause for alarm, I had not done it "wrong". So now it's kinda dark golden blonde in the roots, and fades a bit into the yellow I had before, only slightly darker. I think. I am yet to see it myself in proper daylight. But I like it. As I said in the previous post, with some silver shampoo and evetually my (hopefully) even darker real roots, it's gonna be what I want. 

I don't know if I ever told you this, but the reason I've been having this hair-dying-bleach-fest for the past two months, is that I plan to return to my natural dark blonde hair colour. I am so sick of dying my roots once a month, I've done it for so long, and even though I do it myself, it's expensive and takes time and effort. I'm done. Hopefully my real shade will be one I can live with, and if not, well, at least I tried. If that's the case then I guess I'm just doomed to a life of dying roots. But on my quest towards my natural shade I decided to take the fun and adventurous road, via pink, orange and yellow. Because why le fuck not? If I'm gonna bleach the shit out of my hair, I'm gonna do it like a true explorer, worthy of Voyager (yes, I can bring ST:VOY in on every topic, it's a talent of mine). 

It's 2100 hours and I have a ridiculous amount of energy. I don't know what to do. Maybe I should watch Pok√©mon? I should definitly stop eating cookies. 

Malin out.

I drowned and dreamt this moment

Outfit credits: Vintage raincoat, H&M hoodie, Carlings sweater, Gina Tricot tank top, Glamorous c/o Loveclothing.com disco pants, ebay platforms.

Fucking hate winter. 

Dyed my hair once again (not in these pictures). I am now dark blonde, bordering to light brown. But it's only a toner so it'll wash out soon. I just couldn't deal with the yellow, it felt so half-done. But I think that in a few washes, and with some silver shampoo, this toner is gonna be great. I'll try to take some webcam pics of it once it's dry!

I'm dying in anticipation of the arrival of the shoes I wrote about in the previous post. I've been dreaming of a pair of mega-platform sneakers ever since I got into 90's grunge fashion. I've been searching for it on various websites (vintage and new) forever, and I'm so psyched about finally getting a pair! Hopefully I'll have them by early next week!

23 March 2013

Killer Platform

I want these so freaking bad, and I'm gonna get them. I'm just unsure, as always, about which size. I'm a EU36,5. And of course they don't come in half sizes. So, 36 or 37? They're just released so there's no reviews on the sizing yet. Leaning towards 36 right now, 'cause if they're to big they'll fall of my feet and I can't use them. If they're a tad bit to small I can always stretch them. And if they don't fit altogether I can just send 'em back, can't I? I'm over-thinking this. The only way to find out is to get them and try. I'm usually a 36 in flats, it'll be fine!

From Fanny Lyckman for Estradeur at Nelly.com.

(update: got the 36, now wait...)

22 March 2013


Outfit credits: Ebay coat, H&M sweater, Missguided off-shoulder crop top, Dr Denim jeans, Gina Tricot belt, Dr Martens boots.

If you have met me irl today you are most certainly aware of my severe back pain. It's not ache from lifting, as you may think, concidering my job, because I've had that before, and I know what it feels like. This is not it. Guesses are that it's a pinched nerve, a crick, a brand new muscle that got some exercise at work, or that I've simply gotten cold and have a 'wryneck' in my back. Is there a proper name for that or is it simply the same thing as a crick? I don't know, I've ever only had it in my neck before (many many times, though). I believe it's starting to ease off now, though, so it can't be anything more serious than that. This morning I could hardly breathe without wanting to roll around on the ground in pain, nor could I go back to sleep after my alarm went of the first time (I snooze for a ridiculous amount of time). Now I don't even feel it when sitting in some positions.

BUT NEVERMIND. No one cares about my body deciding to give me some hassle. It's just that it's been what has taken up most time during my day, so it felt weird not mentioning it. And then I ended up more than mentioning, per usual when I try to share details from my life. 

What I should talk about is today's outfit, which is what you're all here for. I got this crop top from Missguided earlier this week, and wore it today. It's pretty great, but it deserves better weather than we currently have here (it's fucking snowing). It's gonna look great this summer with my Unif Gwen skirt!

Got an ST:VOY patch from ebay today. Just gonna figure out where to put it, then I'm gonna pretend I'm a part of the crew. (No one careeees!)

Malin out.

What's my name?

(oh na na.)

So, this is my hair now. Colour is kinda accurate, but not really. In some lights it looks proper blonde, in some yellow and in some still a bit orange. I can't decide if it's what I want or not. I like it, but I think I'll probably like it even more of the yellow/orange fades a bit, which is why I've ordered Silver Shampoo. 

I dyed my eyebrows darker as well, because I only wanna be blonde if I can have dark eyebrows to go with it. I didn't mean for my roots to be this light, but darker, to match my eyebrows. But luckily, you know how it is with roots, they grow out in no time!

I'm no longer the black sheep in my family (who am I kidding, of course I am)! I told my grandmother about four months ago that I was never going back to light hair, but doing that I obviously jinxed the shit out of it, and here we are.

21 March 2013

Picture Diary / 19-21 March / Shoes, captains and hair

1. Disco disco!

2. I am having troubles with the nature of individuality.  No, jk, Malvina and I just have the same shoes. And so does a lot of other people.

3. Hellbound knock-offs. One glorious day I'll own the real thing, but until then these will have to do. I actually want the real deal even more now.

4. Flawless Captain is flawless. 

5. I may or may not have done what I said I never would. However, the picture on the box is in no way accurate to my current hair colour. Hopefully it will be soon, though, after I've drenched myself in silver shampoo. But still, I am quite pleased. For now.

My workdays of this week are now over, and I didn't die. I realised I never said, I work at flower wholesaler stock, packing flowers on transport containers all day long. But Anyway, I'm crazy tired so I'll be turning in now. School tomorrow, then finally weekend and sleep-ins! Now: ST:VOY fanfiction.

Malin out.

19 March 2013


Outfit credits: Carlings sweater, Glamorous co Loveclothing.com disco pants, Dr Martens boots, ebay beanie.

I'm not very creative in my outfits lately, but it's fucking cold outside, and this sweater is so nice. I'm hoping spring arrives soon, though, despite some more snowfall today. 

Got my second pair of disco pants yesterday. It's the same as my blue pair, only these are a size smaller (UK8). You can almost see in the pictures that these have a tighter fit, but they're still very comfortable. So for me the Glamorous model fits true to size, but I guess it depends on your body type. They're stretchy, but not very much. It's so weird wearing them though, because it feels just like you're wearing leggings as pants (which I've never been able to pull off), but you're not! Takes a couple of wears to get used to.

Gonna round of the evening with a shower and some Star Trek, before turning in early. Work tomorrow. 

Malin out.

(I should get combadges for me and my friends, mobile phones are sooo 21st century.)

18 March 2013

Starship life

These are two of my favourite 'comedy' clips from ST:VOY. It's scenes like these that makes TV-shows worthwhile. Those small things in between the major plot lines, that shows character development and great acting (if there are any). Because no matter how great the the plot line is, if the characters, actors, and 'small talk' writing isn't good, then neither is the show.

I have a not-so-secret dream of being a screen writer, because I LOVE writing dialogue. Odd, perhaps, since I don't enjoy talking that much. Whenever I'm writing fiction I always end up straying form the plot in the dialogue because I just can't stop it. They always end up talking about things completely irrelevant to what they were supposed too.

ANYWAY, first day at now job today. And after that I'm visiting my grandmother, so I won't be home until quite late. And by then I'll probably be exhausted, so I have timed this post for you. Hopefully I can tell you more about my first workday tomorrow!

Malin out.

17 March 2013

Picture Diary / 12-16 March / My poor fangirl heart

1. Close up selfie. This day I thought that maybe spring was finally here. I was dead wrong. A few days later it was snowing again.

2. I've said this before and here I go again: we do crazy things at uni. Right now we're having workshops were we explore different kinds of materials you can use in performance design. One group worked with creating fake organs and blood. But they wanted real blood to compare with, and failed to get hold of any, so me and a couple of others in my class helped out by stabbing ourselves in the finger with a needle. This picture is a few drops of my blood having coagulated while being projected on a wall. Kinda cool, but also kinda nasty. Sorry if you're bothered by this. Just be glad that you're not in my class.

3. There's an episode in season 5 of ST:VOY called Bride of Chaotica! were Janeway rushes into the mess hall demanding coffee, and Neelix first denies her, she gets real mad, and he makes it for her anyway and when she drinks it she makes this face. It's one of my favourite scenes, along with Neelix teaching Seven how to eat.

4. It was a good outfit day, but I didn't manage to take any HQ photos of it, so this will have to do. This vintage coat+Jeffrey Campbells is a match made in heaven.

5. I love this paiting. It's my grandmother's and she's had it all my life. I'm gonna try and get it when she dies. I'm not being insensitive, btw. My grandmother is old and I love her to bits. It has always been a thing between us, for as long as I've been able to talk, to talk about things of hers I'm going to inherit when she passes, because we're both virgos and she has a lot of virgo-related stuff. I'm probably gonna have to ask her about this paiting too.

6. Another close-up selfie. I post them far to rarely, because I don't really like the front-camera on my phone. But today I'm spoiling you with two of them.

7. And now to the thing I really wanted to write about: Last night I tweeted (and insta'd) this picture, tweeted a bit with a internet friend about our love for Jeri Ryan aka Seven of Nine, and guess what I saw when turned on the computer this morning? JERI RYAN HAD REPLIED TO US. Just a smiley face but still. She is one of my first girl-crushes ever and she has now acknowledged my existace! I don't even know how I am supposed to go on with life after this.

<--- (proof or it didn't happen)

Malin out.

15 March 2013


Outfit credits: Ebay coat, H&M scarf and bag, Monki beanie, home-knitted sweater, Dr Denim jeans, Pimkie boots.

So, I got a new job. Nothing fancy, actually very unfancy, but nevertheless. Not sure how it will affect my blogging, because the workdays will be planned a little differently than they were at my old job. But job equals money, which equals shopping, which then equals more fun fashion blogging. So it's probably gonna be great and all. I'll tell you more about it after I've had my introduction days next week, when I know more about what I'm gonna be doing. It's all gone so fast. I applied for the job on Sunday almost three weeks ago, was called in for an interview two days later, and signed the contract today. Crazyness. 

My life is on a constant roll. Everything just falls into place. I must have been a good drone in my previous life, because I don't think things aren't supposed to be this easy.

I remembered I probably haven't told you about my conclusion about me having been Borg in my previous life. So here's the short story: I believe in karma/reincarnation, alternative dimensions and that time isn't linear so you can be reborn pretty much anywhere at any time when your current life ends. I've "decided" that in my previous life I was a Borg in an alternate dimension sometime in the 2400th century. Reasons that this is not completely out of the blue is that 1) I hate drinking water because of a lingering fear of rusting, 2) I have a hard time with social situations because I wasn't human before, 3) I have abs without doing anything because have you seen Seven of Nine?, 4) I have never had iron deficiency or anything like that because I was a fucking cyborg, 5) I have a quite excellent eidetic memory (just like Seven. Coincidence? I think not!).

I realise this is pretty crazy, and I half-joke a lot, but truthfully I do believe that this isn't the only life, time or place I've ever been living, and having been Borg is as good of a guess as any of what those lives might have been.

14 March 2013

Holy Chic

Outfit credits: H&M turtleneck crop top, Gina Tricot tube skirt, ebay beanie, vintage sneakers, DIY eye necklace.

12 March 2013

New in

Gina Tricot tube skirt, H&M leather tote bag.

(the fur thingy didn't come with the bag, it's not new. In fact it's very old.)

11 March 2013

Wish outfit

I can't wait for spring to finally be here so I'll be able to wear just a suit or denim jacket over a tee. So sick of twenty-seven layers of sweaters just so I don't freeze to death. Also, disco pants. A pair of black ones (like these) + the ST:VOY t-shirt may or may not be dropping down in my mailbox sometime in a not too distant future.

All images are googled, not sure where most of it's from.


If you do not consider this woman a role model then you should take a very long moment to re-evaluate your life.

09 March 2013

The man who fell to earth

You see where I get my inspiration? I just googled The Man Who Fell to Earth and I'm basically drooling over all the hair-goodness. I'm trying to think of ways to keep my roots lighter, for when it's time to take care of them, without ruining the darker shade of orange on the rest of my hair. I'm afraid that if I just bleach my roots like always, and then put in orange again, it will end up uneven and I won't get that nice fade (like a reversed ombre, from light hair to dark). Does anyone have an idea of what I could do? Preferably one that does not involve going to a hairdresser, because that won't happen. 

My hair at this very moment:

07 March 2013

Picture Diary / 3 - 7 March / Voyager

1. Captain Janeway is fabulous. I want her in my life, I don't care in what way. 

2. I've come to the conclusion that I was between 8 and 11 years old when I watched Star Trek Voyager on a regular basis as a kid. This makes Seven of Nine one of my very first girl crushes. I adored her, and I think she's even more awesome now, when I can actually understand what she's saying.

3. You've already seen these pants, but here they are again. Love them.

4. If you know me irl, or been around awhile, you might know what my life is like when I get completely obsessed with it. This is it. I eat, breathe and sleep ST:VOY. I even have there spontaneous outburst during the hours of the day when I don't watch it, where I just awkwardly shout, say or sing 'STAR TREEEEK'. It's probably really annoyoing, and I sometimes feel sorry for my friends.

5. I broke my morning routine today and somehow ended up with a tiny cup of coffee, fully dressed to leave with shoes and everything, in front of my bedroom mirror. It was two minutes before I had to run in order to not miss the bus. Had to pour out most of the coffee. My systems are failing.

6. Sometimes when I have to kill time in town I go to the local Sci-fi bookshop and cry over all the things I can't afford. Today I found this. I didn't even look that hard, it was just there. And then it was in a glass case so I couldn't even touch it. There was also a Doctor Who encyclopaedia that was very tempting.