06 March 2013


Outfit credits: Bikbok coat, Carlings sweater, Glamorous c/o loveclothing.com disco pants, Dr Martens boots. 

Sorry for not blogging for the past few days, but Star Trek Voyager is taking over my life, and I keep staying up way too late at night watching it, which leaves me exhausted, looking like a hobo, during the day.

I've been dying for a pair of disco pants for years, and I've been really close on ordering a pair from AA several times, but always backed out last minute because they were too expensive. It was only very recently I found out that they were available at less expensive brands. Like Glamorous. I got feeling and ordered navy ones, and I completely love them. I plan on getting a pair of black ones at some point as well. It's so weird, because it feels like you're wearing leggings, but it really is pants.

I'm generally a size EU36/UK8 on tight fitted clothes, and I read on several blogs that I should order up in these, so I got a UK10. They fit nicely, but are a bit on the large size. These are, to me at least, the kind of pant you want to fit you like a second skin. But on me, the size 10 doesn't "squeeze" at the waist or any other place at all. But they are super comfortable, so I won't be exchanging them. But if I get another pair I might go down a size, to my regular one.

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