19 March 2013


Outfit credits: Carlings sweater, Glamorous co Loveclothing.com disco pants, Dr Martens boots, ebay beanie.

I'm not very creative in my outfits lately, but it's fucking cold outside, and this sweater is so nice. I'm hoping spring arrives soon, though, despite some more snowfall today. 

Got my second pair of disco pants yesterday. It's the same as my blue pair, only these are a size smaller (UK8). You can almost see in the pictures that these have a tighter fit, but they're still very comfortable. So for me the Glamorous model fits true to size, but I guess it depends on your body type. They're stretchy, but not very much. It's so weird wearing them though, because it feels just like you're wearing leggings as pants (which I've never been able to pull off), but you're not! Takes a couple of wears to get used to.

Gonna round of the evening with a shower and some Star Trek, before turning in early. Work tomorrow. 

Malin out.

(I should get combadges for me and my friends, mobile phones are sooo 21st century.)

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