24 March 2013

I drowned and dreamt this moment

Outfit credits: Vintage raincoat, H&M hoodie, Carlings sweater, Gina Tricot tank top, Glamorous c/o Loveclothing.com disco pants, ebay platforms.

Fucking hate winter. 

Dyed my hair once again (not in these pictures). I am now dark blonde, bordering to light brown. But it's only a toner so it'll wash out soon. I just couldn't deal with the yellow, it felt so half-done. But I think that in a few washes, and with some silver shampoo, this toner is gonna be great. I'll try to take some webcam pics of it once it's dry!

I'm dying in anticipation of the arrival of the shoes I wrote about in the previous post. I've been dreaming of a pair of mega-platform sneakers ever since I got into 90's grunge fashion. I've been searching for it on various websites (vintage and new) forever, and I'm so psyched about finally getting a pair! Hopefully I'll have them by early next week!

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