23 March 2013

Killer Platform

I want these so freaking bad, and I'm gonna get them. I'm just unsure, as always, about which size. I'm a EU36,5. And of course they don't come in half sizes. So, 36 or 37? They're just released so there's no reviews on the sizing yet. Leaning towards 36 right now, 'cause if they're to big they'll fall of my feet and I can't use them. If they're a tad bit to small I can always stretch them. And if they don't fit altogether I can just send 'em back, can't I? I'm over-thinking this. The only way to find out is to get them and try. I'm usually a 36 in flats, it'll be fine!

From Fanny Lyckman for Estradeur at Nelly.com.

(update: got the 36, now wait...)

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