22 March 2013


Outfit credits: Ebay coat, H&M sweater, Missguided off-shoulder crop top, Dr Denim jeans, Gina Tricot belt, Dr Martens boots.

If you have met me irl today you are most certainly aware of my severe back pain. It's not ache from lifting, as you may think, concidering my job, because I've had that before, and I know what it feels like. This is not it. Guesses are that it's a pinched nerve, a crick, a brand new muscle that got some exercise at work, or that I've simply gotten cold and have a 'wryneck' in my back. Is there a proper name for that or is it simply the same thing as a crick? I don't know, I've ever only had it in my neck before (many many times, though). I believe it's starting to ease off now, though, so it can't be anything more serious than that. This morning I could hardly breathe without wanting to roll around on the ground in pain, nor could I go back to sleep after my alarm went of the first time (I snooze for a ridiculous amount of time). Now I don't even feel it when sitting in some positions.

BUT NEVERMIND. No one cares about my body deciding to give me some hassle. It's just that it's been what has taken up most time during my day, so it felt weird not mentioning it. And then I ended up more than mentioning, per usual when I try to share details from my life. 

What I should talk about is today's outfit, which is what you're all here for. I got this crop top from Missguided earlier this week, and wore it today. It's pretty great, but it deserves better weather than we currently have here (it's fucking snowing). It's gonna look great this summer with my Unif Gwen skirt!

Got an ST:VOY patch from ebay today. Just gonna figure out where to put it, then I'm gonna pretend I'm a part of the crew. (No one careeees!)

Malin out.