17 March 2013

Picture Diary / 12-16 March / My poor fangirl heart

1. Close up selfie. This day I thought that maybe spring was finally here. I was dead wrong. A few days later it was snowing again.

2. I've said this before and here I go again: we do crazy things at uni. Right now we're having workshops were we explore different kinds of materials you can use in performance design. One group worked with creating fake organs and blood. But they wanted real blood to compare with, and failed to get hold of any, so me and a couple of others in my class helped out by stabbing ourselves in the finger with a needle. This picture is a few drops of my blood having coagulated while being projected on a wall. Kinda cool, but also kinda nasty. Sorry if you're bothered by this. Just be glad that you're not in my class.

3. There's an episode in season 5 of ST:VOY called Bride of Chaotica! were Janeway rushes into the mess hall demanding coffee, and Neelix first denies her, she gets real mad, and he makes it for her anyway and when she drinks it she makes this face. It's one of my favourite scenes, along with Neelix teaching Seven how to eat.

4. It was a good outfit day, but I didn't manage to take any HQ photos of it, so this will have to do. This vintage coat+Jeffrey Campbells is a match made in heaven.

5. I love this paiting. It's my grandmother's and she's had it all my life. I'm gonna try and get it when she dies. I'm not being insensitive, btw. My grandmother is old and I love her to bits. It has always been a thing between us, for as long as I've been able to talk, to talk about things of hers I'm going to inherit when she passes, because we're both virgos and she has a lot of virgo-related stuff. I'm probably gonna have to ask her about this paiting too.

6. Another close-up selfie. I post them far to rarely, because I don't really like the front-camera on my phone. But today I'm spoiling you with two of them.

7. And now to the thing I really wanted to write about: Last night I tweeted (and insta'd) this picture, tweeted a bit with a internet friend about our love for Jeri Ryan aka Seven of Nine, and guess what I saw when turned on the computer this morning? JERI RYAN HAD REPLIED TO US. Just a smiley face but still. She is one of my first girl-crushes ever and she has now acknowledged my existace! I don't even know how I am supposed to go on with life after this.

<--- (proof or it didn't happen)

Malin out.

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