21 March 2013

Picture Diary / 19-21 March / Shoes, captains and hair

1. Disco disco!

2. I am having troubles with the nature of individuality.  No, jk, Malvina and I just have the same shoes. And so does a lot of other people.

3. Hellbound knock-offs. One glorious day I'll own the real thing, but until then these will have to do. I actually want the real deal even more now.

4. Flawless Captain is flawless. 

5. I may or may not have done what I said I never would. However, the picture on the box is in no way accurate to my current hair colour. Hopefully it will be soon, though, after I've drenched myself in silver shampoo. But still, I am quite pleased. For now.

My workdays of this week are now over, and I didn't die. I realised I never said, I work at flower wholesaler stock, packing flowers on transport containers all day long. But Anyway, I'm crazy tired so I'll be turning in now. School tomorrow, then finally weekend and sleep-ins! Now: ST:VOY fanfiction.

Malin out.

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