07 March 2013

Picture Diary / 3 - 7 March / Voyager

1. Captain Janeway is fabulous. I want her in my life, I don't care in what way. 

2. I've come to the conclusion that I was between 8 and 11 years old when I watched Star Trek Voyager on a regular basis as a kid. This makes Seven of Nine one of my very first girl crushes. I adored her, and I think she's even more awesome now, when I can actually understand what she's saying.

3. You've already seen these pants, but here they are again. Love them.

4. If you know me irl, or been around awhile, you might know what my life is like when I get completely obsessed with it. This is it. I eat, breathe and sleep ST:VOY. I even have there spontaneous outburst during the hours of the day when I don't watch it, where I just awkwardly shout, say or sing 'STAR TREEEEK'. It's probably really annoyoing, and I sometimes feel sorry for my friends.

5. I broke my morning routine today and somehow ended up with a tiny cup of coffee, fully dressed to leave with shoes and everything, in front of my bedroom mirror. It was two minutes before I had to run in order to not miss the bus. Had to pour out most of the coffee. My systems are failing.

6. Sometimes when I have to kill time in town I go to the local Sci-fi bookshop and cry over all the things I can't afford. Today I found this. I didn't even look that hard, it was just there. And then it was in a glass case so I couldn't even touch it. There was also a Doctor Who encyclopaedia that was very tempting. 

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