15 March 2013


Outfit credits: Ebay coat, H&M scarf and bag, Monki beanie, home-knitted sweater, Dr Denim jeans, Pimkie boots.

So, I got a new job. Nothing fancy, actually very unfancy, but nevertheless. Not sure how it will affect my blogging, because the workdays will be planned a little differently than they were at my old job. But job equals money, which equals shopping, which then equals more fun fashion blogging. So it's probably gonna be great and all. I'll tell you more about it after I've had my introduction days next week, when I know more about what I'm gonna be doing. It's all gone so fast. I applied for the job on Sunday almost three weeks ago, was called in for an interview two days later, and signed the contract today. Crazyness. 

My life is on a constant roll. Everything just falls into place. I must have been a good drone in my previous life, because I don't think things aren't supposed to be this easy.

I remembered I probably haven't told you about my conclusion about me having been Borg in my previous life. So here's the short story: I believe in karma/reincarnation, alternative dimensions and that time isn't linear so you can be reborn pretty much anywhere at any time when your current life ends. I've "decided" that in my previous life I was a Borg in an alternate dimension sometime in the 2400th century. Reasons that this is not completely out of the blue is that 1) I hate drinking water because of a lingering fear of rusting, 2) I have a hard time with social situations because I wasn't human before, 3) I have abs without doing anything because have you seen Seven of Nine?, 4) I have never had iron deficiency or anything like that because I was a fucking cyborg, 5) I have a quite excellent eidetic memory (just like Seven. Coincidence? I think not!).

I realise this is pretty crazy, and I half-joke a lot, but truthfully I do believe that this isn't the only life, time or place I've ever been living, and having been Borg is as good of a guess as any of what those lives might have been.

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