18 March 2013

Starship life

These are two of my favourite 'comedy' clips from ST:VOY. It's scenes like these that makes TV-shows worthwhile. Those small things in between the major plot lines, that shows character development and great acting (if there are any). Because no matter how great the the plot line is, if the characters, actors, and 'small talk' writing isn't good, then neither is the show.

I have a not-so-secret dream of being a screen writer, because I LOVE writing dialogue. Odd, perhaps, since I don't enjoy talking that much. Whenever I'm writing fiction I always end up straying form the plot in the dialogue because I just can't stop it. They always end up talking about things completely irrelevant to what they were supposed too.

ANYWAY, first day at now job today. And after that I'm visiting my grandmother, so I won't be home until quite late. And by then I'll probably be exhausted, so I have timed this post for you. Hopefully I can tell you more about my first workday tomorrow!

Malin out.

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