22 March 2013

What's my name?

(oh na na.)

So, this is my hair now. Colour is kinda accurate, but not really. In some lights it looks proper blonde, in some yellow and in some still a bit orange. I can't decide if it's what I want or not. I like it, but I think I'll probably like it even more of the yellow/orange fades a bit, which is why I've ordered Silver Shampoo. 

I dyed my eyebrows darker as well, because I only wanna be blonde if I can have dark eyebrows to go with it. I didn't mean for my roots to be this light, but darker, to match my eyebrows. But luckily, you know how it is with roots, they grow out in no time!

I'm no longer the black sheep in my family (who am I kidding, of course I am)! I told my grandmother about four months ago that I was never going back to light hair, but doing that I obviously jinxed the shit out of it, and here we are.

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