08 April 2013

A quarter for your jacket, pumpkin

Outfit credits: Cubus jacket, H&M dress and sunglasses, Gina Tricot sweater, vintage bag, Dr Martens boots, assorted jewellery.

I am SO pleased with the shade I have on my hair now. It's exactly the kind of blonde I want. I am so mentally damaged from my years as a bleach blonde that bleach-yellowish hair kinda gives me angst. My little experimental do-not-try-this-at-home-mix worked wonders, and now it's mostly silvery matte (and a tad bit of yellowish, obviously, because it's practically impossible to get rid of completely without going grey-haired).

I've watched all of Body of Proof there is so far, so I'm kinda at loss of what to do tonight. I was so sceptical when they switched some of the characters for season three (luckly not Jeri Ryan or Dana Delany), because I loved the cast so much (seriously, one of the best casts ever!), but it's actually even better now! I don't even know how it's possible. If there's an award for best casting it should go to Body of Proof, no doubt (and the casting-person should share some talent with whoever makes the music montages, because those are awkward). Episode 3x03 is my absolute favourite so far (the title of this post is a quote from that ep). 

I have even have strawberries and chocolate, but no show to watch. Sad life.

Malin out. 

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  1. I love your dress!