14 April 2013

I don't care if you don't

Outfit credits: Gina Tricot sweater, H&M maxi dress, Shock scarf, Bikbok sunglasses, Converse sneakers, New Look denim jacket.

I'm having a great hair day, but you can't tell because all my cameras seem to be angry with me. I'm really feeling the purple, and I'm terrified to wash it now, because I don't know how fast it will fade. 

Went to the mall before and got myself a blow dryer, oreo cookies for tonight's continuation of my Parks and Rec marathon, and a yellow beanie. I really wanted to get a yellow dress, but I'm looking for warm yellow, and all I could find was neon. So I got the beanie instead (which is warm yellow, and was on sale!). Me always wanting to wear colours during the wrong season is really a reoccurring problem. Hard life.

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