06 April 2013

I never knew daylight could be so violent

Outfit credits: Cubus jacket, Gina Tricot sweater, BikBok/DIY shorts, H&M tee and scarf, ebay bag, PLDM by Palladium boots. 

My mum seems to have decided that it was time for me to get the birthday presents I never got when I turned 21 in September last year. I was supposed to get a trip somewhere, but the planned trip never happened, so I ended up never getting anything for my birthday. Until now, where I not only get to go to Spain next month, I also got these great boots from PLDM by Palladium. She originally ordered them for herself, but they were to small for her, so instead of sending them back she gave them to me, and I just love them!

It was sunny today, and almost warm. I even ended up walking around without my jacket. Maybe spring is finally coming here! Sorry if I probably jinxed it now, though. I tend to do that.

Got some new stuff at the mall today too, so I'll do a "new in"-post later (or tomorrow)!

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