28 April 2013

Picture Diary / 19 - 28 April / ego

I was gonna save this post for tomorrow, but I got bored so here it is anyway. 

1. Selfie.

2. Selfie.

3. Me and baby sis just before last weekend's taekwondo competition, which she by the way won.

4. Selfie (lots of selfies today, sorry).

5. My love for those boots are very strong an unmotivated.

6. Pork surprise.

7. Le selfie.

8. I need to move that mirror because the lighting is just not ok.

9. Fell in love with this sweater at the new second hand shop. It's from Port Jefferson in NY, I might have actually been there, idk. We road tripped in that area when I was 14. It'd be cool if I have.

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