05 April 2013

So tropicana!

Outfit credits: Cubus jacket, Carlings knitted sweater, Hard Rock Cafe tee, ebay skirt, vintage bag, Dr Martens boots. 

I honestly do not know how I managed to put on this outfit this morning. I was so out of it when I woke up I just lay on the couch for half an hour, denying life. I was gonna wear leggings, but then I realised the leggings didn't match my bag, that was already packed, and this revelation then led to a couple of more minutes of denial on the couch. Eight minutes before my bus left I changed into a skirt, and managed to take two photos of the look, and it is still a riddle to as of how. 

I love this bag, it's got so much space in it that it feels like I'm out travelling when I use it. And I'm also super into tropical prints lately, and this has something that sort of looks like tropical leaves and flowers on it. (By the way, the post title is a reference to grav3yardgirl, the most awesome vlogger on youtube, you should check her out!)

And I just have to share with you that if you like MsDressy, you know the website that I get all my lovely princess dresses from, on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/MsDressy) you get a $10 coupon, and right now there's also free shipping! So if you're going to a prom this spring/summer, take the chance!

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