02 April 2013


(Do I wear this sweater all the time? Pretty much, yeah.)

I had a visitor record on this blog yesterday. Guess why? If you've got me on facebook or follow me on twitter you might know. Maybe you even found your way here because of it. 

Jeri Ryan retweeted me. JERI RYAN. I've never been retweeted by someone so awesome before. If you don't know who Jeri Ryan is then I feel sorry for you, because you're missing out on some great TV-shows and acting (Star Trek Voyager, Body of Proof, Boston Public etc), and it kinda makes me wanna punch you in the face. 

I just made this random tweet as I was watching Body of Proof last night, and there was a scene where she sounded so much like Seven of Nine, and I was totally mindfucked, because I haven't seen her as anything else for the past ten years, and it's just so easy to slip back to those references. I didn't really think she'd respond, because obviously actors/actresses are real people with real lives and I never expect them to pay any attention to all the random tweets they get. She did respond to me and Meg once before, and I freaked out then too, but really just considered it a lucky moment. This is bigger. A retweet, plus a response. I am on Jeri Ryan's twitter page. I could have fainted, honestly.

There's always been something special about Jeri Ryan for me growing up. She's sort of a symbol of what watching TV-shows has meant to me, since I consider her my first ever girl-crush as Seven of Nine (when I was like ten), and the first show I was ever allowed to stay up late to watch was Boston Public. So to my nerd-self this is a HUGE DEAL. This turned into a serious rant, but I just can't help myself. I am unreasonably excited by this. Sorry I'm not sorry. And trust me, it could have been worse. I could have posted the entire essay I wrote on the impact of various TV-shows on my life, where Jeri Ryan has her very own chapter. Not even joking.

(Proof or it didn't happen! Click the image to get to the direct link to the tweet.)

Funny also all these people who feel the need to add to the topic by writing smart-ass replies, and I don't even know what to say to them. I made a tweet about a very personal experience (that I'm sure I may or may not share with others, but that's beside the point), and people that are complete strangers to me and my life write replies as if they KNOW. Some of them were really random, and not even really relevant to what I was saying. One guy didn't even get that 7of9 was a character she played, and thought I meant it as a rating of her hotness. I just WHY? Sorry if you wrote a reply, read this and now feel offended, not all of them were stupid (just most)!


  1. And thanks to that reply I've found your blog, just another reason why Jeri Ryan is awesome :)

    1. Cool! :D she is indeed awesome!