31 May 2013

Where does all of this madness even come from?

I tried to take pictures to show you the crazyness that is my hair right now. This is as good as it gets, but it doesn't do it justice. This is what it looks like when I do nothing. No curls or waves, no flatening iron. Just some water to try and tame it a litte (without success). I had extensions in earlier, wich is probaby why it refuses to comply to anything now. 

I was always under the impression that if you try to bleach your hair from black to blonde it will basically rot and fall off, withering in pain. Apparently that is not the case for me, because of either my magic or Borg perfection (can't be good genes, because I know of no one in my family with hair like mine). If my hair stays this thick and grows long it will be uncontrollable. It's insane. "But didn't you have long hair before?" you ask. Yes, I did. But then my hair was layered. I don't want to layer my hair now, because I like it all the same length. It appears I am going to pay the price for my vanity, doesn't it? I remember it as having thin hair when I was younger. I now realise my problem wasn't lack of hair thickness, just volume, because it was too bloody heavy to have any.

It's been just over a month since I last dyed my hair now. Feels like a lifetime, haha. Not joking, it really does. I've got about half an inch of roots now, little more in some places, little less in others. And my fringe is just below my eyes. So steady as she goes. Still swimming in silver shampoo and conditioner, though, to keep it ashy, almost grayish. 'Cause warm tones still makes me feel gross. But mixed with hair oils and vitamin B pills it seems it is happier with me than ever.

So know you're all updated on my exciting hair situation. Fun, right?!

Malin out!

30 May 2013

Now go learn something

Outfit credits: Famous Ape sunglasses, Gina Tricot bodycon dress, ebay necklace.

Sorry (as always) for not updating. I've been working every day since my last update, and when I get home from that I don't really have any energy to do anything at all. But now I have the rest of the week "off" (obviously not really though, since I have plenty of school work to deal with). Today I'm just gonna be lazy though. At least until the evening when I'm gonna look over my essay one last time before handing it in. 

Last night I watched the last episode ever of Body of Proof. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. There was no cliff hanger and we got all the questions answered. Although we will never know how it will go for Kate and her running for office. Bit sad. But I can live with it. At least we know what really happened to Megan's dad (SO UNEXPECTED, I would never have guessed in a million years!). Gonna miss the show SO MUCH. It was the perfect crime show. Not one, but two, great and super fabulous leading ladies (Dana Delany and Jeri Ryan, in case you missed that), grusome deaths, great plotlines and sass all round. I'm gonna need to find a new show with female leads asap, or I'm not sure how to proceed with life. Good job Rizzoli and Isles are coming back soon.

Malin out.

26 May 2013

My mum

Today is mother's day in Sweden. My mum isn't home today, but I really wish she was. I hope she comes back before I have to go to bed. 

This is the only picture I have of my mum that's digital. It's from when I was less than a year old, before Sara was born, and I think it's in France. My mum hates having her picture taken, and she dislikes social media so I know she probably won't see this, but anyhow, I'm feeling sentimental today. I love you, mum, I'm so glad that I got to be raised by you.

New in

Some new stuff I got during the few weeks. First dress I got sent to me from the online clothing stores Tidestore.com, and it really is super adorable, and this photo really doesn't to the fit justice. I did want to put together an outfit for you with it, but the higher powers didn't seem to agree that I should, sending work, rain and general mental unstableness my way. Sometime in a not to distant future though, I promise!

The Daisy bodycon dress is from Gina Tricot, along with the knitted sweater and silver cross belt from the second picture. The black maxi skirt is from Bikbok and you can see it on in the post previous to this. The creepers are from skopunkten, and the rest is from H&M (the other flats, the sunglasses and the denim vest, that is).

Malin out.

25 May 2013

Mirror Mirror

Outfit credits: Monki coat, vintage tee, Bikbok maxi skirt, New Look bag, H&M flats, ebay mirror sunglasses, assorted jewellery.

24 May 2013

Picture Diary / 21-24 May / Ω

1. It was a good hairday.

2. Jeri Ryan tweeted me for the third time. She actually know I exist. JERI RYAN.

3. Conversation about negative spaces. And one of many proofs in this posts about how insanely dedicated I am to the Star Trek Voyager fandom.

4. I decided which ST:VOY episodes I was gonna watch when I got home in class. I ended up watching Drone instead, though. If you can see what they all have in common, then I applaud you. And if you don't then you're not very observant.

5.  I got my Air Max 90 yesterday. I LOVE them. They're from Footish.se.

I'm completely out of if at the moment. Lots of school stuff and work going on, and I'm really tired, so you're gonna have to live with not much blogging at the moment. Going to bed now. Tomorrow my dad is taking me to see Iron Man 3. I heard it's really good (Jeri Ryan said so on her twitter).

Malin out.

21 May 2013


Outfit credits: Monki coat, H&M hat and t-shirt, BikBok pants, Topshop backpack, Converse sneakers.

19 May 2013

Bitch I might be

Nike Air Max 90

I've never been a sneakers kinda girl. But my life has come to a point where I need a pair, desperately. I love shoes, I really do, but as you may know by now I have problems with my feet and basically all shoes cause me pain. Apart from sneakers. Unfortunately, the only sneakers I own atm are my converse, so I've decided that when I get payed next week I'm going to get a pair of Nike Air Max 90, which is the only kind of sneakers other than converse that I actually like, being such a hipster and all. I'm a bit excited about getting a pair of shoes that doesn't hurt, to be honest. 

And speaking of nothing, HOW GREAT WAS THE EUROVISION LAST NIGHT? You're fucking welcome Europe. I love us, Malmö is the best town in Skåne, probably Sweden, possibly the world.

18 May 2013

Picture Diary / 15-18 May / Eurovision

1. Dana Delany and her precious face. Love her.

2. Warm weather = all black outfits, everyone knows that.

3. Best. Sallad. Ever.

4. 44 days now. So excited!

5. When ESC comes to Malmö, be damn sure we have free wifi!

6. Felt like I was touristing in my own hometown when I was at the area today, even though I'm there several times a week (it's just by my closest mall). I'm so excited about the ESC this year! Because I love my country and Malmö, and I'm so proud of us, because we're awesome! Kinda rooting for Hungary this year though, or Norway. But I haven't seen all the semi-finals, so I don't know all the songs. Are you phyched?! I am SO PSYCHED! I'll be live-tweeting (hopefully with with my sister), and you can follow us at malintoashes and nattsiren.

Malin out!

16 May 2013

Black magic

Outfit credits: Vintage velvet maxi dress, H&M hat and flats, Famous Ape sunglasses, assorted jewellery.

15 May 2013

Picture Diary / 9 - 14 May / Mayfair

1. Whoop

2. Was seriously afraid he was gonna jump on my head.

3. Mall-shoes. In case I need to kick someone walking slowly in front of me.

4. Yup.

5. Went to Friday's with Sara and her friends for her birthday, and she made me order a virgin dark chocolate mojito. It was goooood. 

6. Mweep.

7. My friends and I have a plan to marry rich and move to the suburbs and become irl desperate housewives. I'm gonna be like Katherine Mayfair (evil, arrogant, and a fucking crazy bitch). It's gonna be so much fun! (Really I'm watching DH because of Dana Delany as a way to cope with the cancellation of Body of Proof.)

13 May 2013

Tell me what you want me to say

Finally got my extension into a close enough shade, as long as I keep my own hair white-toned (which I want anyway, so...).

Writing an essay about different ways to work with death in theatre, film and tv. If any of you guys know any films, plays, tv-shows or other kind of performance where they have approached death in an interesting way, leave a comment or tweet me or something, because I'm looking for more references outside my own "area of expertise" (sci-fi and crime/mystery), so to speak. It can be about ways to killing off characters (death moments?), on stage/off stage deaths, death themes, etc. Anything is good. I've got a lot of stuff as it is, but as I said, they are all within my own range of interest, and I would like something else as well. So yeah, anything you might have would be fun is you shared!

Malin out.

12 May 2013

I have finally seen the end

Outfit credits: Missguided dress, H&M hat, Famous Ape sunglasses, Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane boots, assorted jewellery.

Happy Birthday Sara!

Today it's 20 years since that night my grandma was upset that she didn't know which song I meant when I asked her to sing "the one about the cat", and 20 years since I first met my absolute best friend in the whole wide world. Happy 20th birthday, Sara, love you to bits.

11 May 2013

Body of Proof

Outfit credits: Cubus jacket and top, Dr Denim jeans, Nelly.com studded loafers, Gina Tricot sunglasses.

So, they cancelled Body of Proof. I'm so upset about this. I mean, really. It is my favourite show right now, and I'm pretty sure this season is gonna end with a major cliff-hanger and we're never gonna get a real ending. I just hate it. Only two more episodes. Fuck this shit.

But at least Parks & Rec, Castle and Community(?) is coming back next year. And Once Upon a Time, though I'm not sure if I'm happy about that. How can a show as awfully written and and executed as Once be renewed without question, when something as great and well casted as BOP gets cancelled. I can't accept it. Yep, I am REALLY upset. It's gonna take a while for me to get over it. Fucking damn it.

Sorry about ranting, I just need to find ways to deal with this. To me this is like one of my favourite bands breaking up or something. It's different from when Fringe or 30Rock ended, because I knew they were on a final season, and it was a planned ending, with a proper goodbye and no cliff-hangers. This is just gonna suck, and end without any wrapping it up. Megan and Tommy or probably not even gonna hook up, and what is the meaning of a show ending if the otp doesn't get together?! Wanna put in some more cursing here, but I can't think of any other than fuck fuck fuck this crap, I hate it.

Sorry again. Malin out.

09 May 2013

Don't forget the Motor City

Outfit credits: New Look denim jacket, vintage sweater, Unif Motor City shorts c/o shoplunab.com, H&M flats, Bikbok sunglasses, assorted jewellery.

It was love at first sight with these shorts, so I decided it was gonna be my gift to myself when I got my first pay from work. It was a bit tricky though, since I didn't know what Unif shorts/pants were like in sizes. Usually I'm somewhere between 25-27, depending on the model and the fabric. I got 27 in these (because there were no 26, and 25 felt to risky). They're a bit to big, a 26 probably would have been great, and maybe even a 25, depending on how much the sizes differ. Anyhow, I'd say they're pretty true to size, and kinda stretchy, so if you're thinking about getting them but are unsure of the sizing, I don't think you need to order up. I'm writing this because I tried to find this information when I was getting them, but couldn't find it, so I'm hoping I can help someone else.

Malin out.

New in

Dresses from Missguided, Unif Motor City shorts from Luna B, watches and ring from random shops in Benidorm.