11 May 2013

Body of Proof

Outfit credits: Cubus jacket and top, Dr Denim jeans, Nelly.com studded loafers, Gina Tricot sunglasses.

So, they cancelled Body of Proof. I'm so upset about this. I mean, really. It is my favourite show right now, and I'm pretty sure this season is gonna end with a major cliff-hanger and we're never gonna get a real ending. I just hate it. Only two more episodes. Fuck this shit.

But at least Parks & Rec, Castle and Community(?) is coming back next year. And Once Upon a Time, though I'm not sure if I'm happy about that. How can a show as awfully written and and executed as Once be renewed without question, when something as great and well casted as BOP gets cancelled. I can't accept it. Yep, I am REALLY upset. It's gonna take a while for me to get over it. Fucking damn it.

Sorry about ranting, I just need to find ways to deal with this. To me this is like one of my favourite bands breaking up or something. It's different from when Fringe or 30Rock ended, because I knew they were on a final season, and it was a planned ending, with a proper goodbye and no cliff-hangers. This is just gonna suck, and end without any wrapping it up. Megan and Tommy or probably not even gonna hook up, and what is the meaning of a show ending if the otp doesn't get together?! Wanna put in some more cursing here, but I can't think of any other than fuck fuck fuck this crap, I hate it.

Sorry again. Malin out.

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