26 May 2013

New in

Some new stuff I got during the few weeks. First dress I got sent to me from the online clothing stores Tidestore.com, and it really is super adorable, and this photo really doesn't to the fit justice. I did want to put together an outfit for you with it, but the higher powers didn't seem to agree that I should, sending work, rain and general mental unstableness my way. Sometime in a not to distant future though, I promise!

The Daisy bodycon dress is from Gina Tricot, along with the knitted sweater and silver cross belt from the second picture. The black maxi skirt is from Bikbok and you can see it on in the post previous to this. The creepers are from skopunkten, and the rest is from H&M (the other flats, the sunglasses and the denim vest, that is).

Malin out.

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