30 May 2013

Now go learn something

Outfit credits: Famous Ape sunglasses, Gina Tricot bodycon dress, ebay necklace.

Sorry (as always) for not updating. I've been working every day since my last update, and when I get home from that I don't really have any energy to do anything at all. But now I have the rest of the week "off" (obviously not really though, since I have plenty of school work to deal with). Today I'm just gonna be lazy though. At least until the evening when I'm gonna look over my essay one last time before handing it in. 

Last night I watched the last episode ever of Body of Proof. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. There was no cliff hanger and we got all the questions answered. Although we will never know how it will go for Kate and her running for office. Bit sad. But I can live with it. At least we know what really happened to Megan's dad (SO UNEXPECTED, I would never have guessed in a million years!). Gonna miss the show SO MUCH. It was the perfect crime show. Not one, but two, great and super fabulous leading ladies (Dana Delany and Jeri Ryan, in case you missed that), grusome deaths, great plotlines and sass all round. I'm gonna need to find a new show with female leads asap, or I'm not sure how to proceed with life. Good job Rizzoli and Isles are coming back soon.

Malin out.

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