18 May 2013

Picture Diary / 15-18 May / Eurovision

1. Dana Delany and her precious face. Love her.

2. Warm weather = all black outfits, everyone knows that.

3. Best. Sallad. Ever.

4. 44 days now. So excited!

5. When ESC comes to Malmö, be damn sure we have free wifi!

6. Felt like I was touristing in my own hometown when I was at the area today, even though I'm there several times a week (it's just by my closest mall). I'm so excited about the ESC this year! Because I love my country and Malmö, and I'm so proud of us, because we're awesome! Kinda rooting for Hungary this year though, or Norway. But I haven't seen all the semi-finals, so I don't know all the songs. Are you phyched?! I am SO PSYCHED! I'll be live-tweeting (hopefully with with my sister), and you can follow us at malintoashes and nattsiren.

Malin out!

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