24 May 2013

Picture Diary / 21-24 May / Ω

1. It was a good hairday.

2. Jeri Ryan tweeted me for the third time. She actually know I exist. JERI RYAN.

3. Conversation about negative spaces. And one of many proofs in this posts about how insanely dedicated I am to the Star Trek Voyager fandom.

4. I decided which ST:VOY episodes I was gonna watch when I got home in class. I ended up watching Drone instead, though. If you can see what they all have in common, then I applaud you. And if you don't then you're not very observant.

5.  I got my Air Max 90 yesterday. I LOVE them. They're from Footish.se.

I'm completely out of if at the moment. Lots of school stuff and work going on, and I'm really tired, so you're gonna have to live with not much blogging at the moment. Going to bed now. Tomorrow my dad is taking me to see Iron Man 3. I heard it's really good (Jeri Ryan said so on her twitter).

Malin out.

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