15 May 2013

Picture Diary / 9 - 14 May / Mayfair

1. Whoop

2. Was seriously afraid he was gonna jump on my head.

3. Mall-shoes. In case I need to kick someone walking slowly in front of me.

4. Yup.

5. Went to Friday's with Sara and her friends for her birthday, and she made me order a virgin dark chocolate mojito. It was goooood. 

6. Mweep.

7. My friends and I have a plan to marry rich and move to the suburbs and become irl desperate housewives. I'm gonna be like Katherine Mayfair (evil, arrogant, and a fucking crazy bitch). It's gonna be so much fun! (Really I'm watching DH because of Dana Delany as a way to cope with the cancellation of Body of Proof.)

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