13 May 2013

Tell me what you want me to say

Finally got my extension into a close enough shade, as long as I keep my own hair white-toned (which I want anyway, so...).

Writing an essay about different ways to work with death in theatre, film and tv. If any of you guys know any films, plays, tv-shows or other kind of performance where they have approached death in an interesting way, leave a comment or tweet me or something, because I'm looking for more references outside my own "area of expertise" (sci-fi and crime/mystery), so to speak. It can be about ways to killing off characters (death moments?), on stage/off stage deaths, death themes, etc. Anything is good. I've got a lot of stuff as it is, but as I said, they are all within my own range of interest, and I would like something else as well. So yeah, anything you might have would be fun is you shared!

Malin out.

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