30 June 2013

White Tulip

Outfit credits: H&M tee and scarf, vintage floral maxi skirt, Monki denim jacket, Dr Martens boots, topshop backpack, Gina Tricot belt.

So, I'm leaving tomorrow, and I'm pretty psyched! Rumor has it there's free wifi on all our hotels in Scotland, so hopefully I'll be able to blog some while I'm there, or at least instagram. I'll be bringing my laptop anyways. My sister has the suit case I'm supposed to pack in, and she's not coming home until tonight. So I'm a bit stressed out, 'cause I'm not sure how big it is, and how much I can pack. Fun fun fun fun.

Malin out.

28 June 2013

Bring it on

Outfit credits: Gina tricot swearer and belt, Dr Denim jeans, ebay bag, Lindex sunglasses (I LOST THEM AT THE MALL *cries*), Nelly.com studded loafers, assorted jewellery.

I was so sure it was Thursday today. But it's not, is it? It's Friday. Gotta get down on Friday. Oh dear. I need to start packing.

Good to have service

I was gonna name this post "good to be home", but then I realised it's not so much being home (I can't wait until I go away again on Monday) as having service on my phone again. My cousin's family's summer house is on the countryside on an island (Öland) and 90% of the time there I has no service, so I couldn't call, text or go on the internet. They did have wifi in the house though, so I wasn't completely dead to the world. And I still had a really great time. I'm not as addicted to the internet as you might think. I am more than able to let it go and just enjoy being with my family and do stuff. But in combination with not being able to call or text, it's quite annoying.

Anyway, since I'm leaving for Scotland on Monday morning, and I'm gone for ten days, I need to go to the mall today and get stuff I'm gonna need. So yeah. I touched up my pink hair this morning, and I'm having a great hair day! Not my best outfit day, perhaps, but I'm gonna try and take some photos of it for you anyway. And here's a teaser: It's all black!

Gotta get my shit together and leave now. 

Malin out.

ps. Jeri Ryan replied to one of my tweets again (5th time!). I love her, she's perf. ds.

26 June 2013

Picture Diary / 15 - 21 June / 100000 times more

Look, I had time!!

1. Some of the worlds coolest people.

2. The worlds coolest people. I hosted a get together for some of my high school classmates. If you've been around for over three years, you might know I had the greatest high school class ever. Never thought I'd be one of those people who'd miss HS like crazy. 

3. Malin's got a gun. No, but really, since my sisters are super athletic, my dad tries to make is presence worthwhile at all the competitions my parents go to, so he's a judge for track and field. At the national team championships not long ago, he came up to us at the stand with the starter's gun. I wasn't allowed to hold my finger over the trigger, he was afraid I'd fire... My sister's team (MAI) won, btw.

4. The Perfect Bag.

5. I have to say; I feel about 10000000 times hotter in pink hair.

6. Princess haaaiiiir.

7. It's also 1000000000 times more fun taking selfies with pink hair.

I hope I'm having a great time right now. I have absolutely no idea what I might be doing when this post is published. Probably (hopefully) chilling on a terrace with my family, watching the sun beginning to set. Fingers crossed. 

Malin out.

24 June 2013

Follow me down

Outfit credits: Missguided crop top, Bikbok maxi skirt, H&M sunglasses, scarf and flats, ebay bag, assorted jewellery.

I'm going to my cousin's summer house for a few days tomorrow, without my laptop, so I won't be blogging. It's in Sweden so I'll probably be in instagram (assuming I have anything to instagram while I'm there). I'm gonna try and queue a picture diary post for you if I have the time, but it's already past 2000 hours and I haven't even started packing or anything yet, so we'll see. I wanna have time for some STVOY before bed too, you know.

I noticed a spike in page views today, despite me not having done anything special (hadn't even blogged today yet, obviously), does anyone know why? Was I linked to somewhere? I'm curious.

Anyway, if I don't have time for a queued post, I'll be back before the end of the week! 

Malin out.

22 June 2013

What it is

Outfit credits: H&M tee, scarf and hat, Monki denim shorts, vintage bag, Bikbok sunglasses, Dr Martens boots, assorted jewellery.

20 June 2013

The word is on the street that the fire in your heart is out

Outfit credits: Missguided dress, H&M hat, scarf and sunglasses, Dr Martens boots, assorted jewellery.

Long, pink hair is the best, I tell ya. I want my hair to be like this always. And I gotta hand it to Manic Panic. I washed my hair thoroughly two times since I dyed it and it has hardly faded at all. After two washes, Directions is usually halfway to washed out.

This dress was originally a maxi dress (this one), but I cut it off, because the fit and length really wasn't very flattering to my height (159cm).

Anywa-hay, for three days I thought I was working today, but yesterday afternoon they cancelled my shift, so my whole plan for yesterday and today was completely messed up. I had planned to blog last night before bed, but then suddenly I didn't have to go to bed early anymore, so I ended up being distracted by reading fanfiction and before I knew it it was past midnight. But you get this fabulous outfit post today instead, which definitely wouldn't have happened if I had been at work all day! So it's a win/win/lose/lose or something. I'm gonna stop there. 

Malin out.

17 June 2013

It's hot hot

I decided I needed a change. It's Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink diluted as fuck. I heard Manic Panic lasts a little longer than Directions (which I usually use), and it's not that much more expensive than I thought. And apparently I have 10% student discount at Shock, where I buy my unnatural hair dye. Gotta love Shock, they're always SO sweet to me and helpful. If you live in or close to Malmö and want to dye your hair in a crazy colour, I totally recommend going there and ask for help. I've been doing so since I was 14/15. 

I've always wanted to have pink hair over the summer, but I've never felt I could due to the nature of old my summer job. But since I don't work there anymore, I'm all in this summer!

Malin out.

16 June 2013

And all the roads we have to walk are winding

Outfit credits: H&M hat, flats and sweater, Bikbok sunglasses and skirt, Gina Tricot top.

If you saw me today and I didn't look like this it's because I changed my hair three times, removed pretty much all make-up, and bought a scarf midday because it got cold. Super poor clothes-planning on my part.

Today was one of those days when you're just completely out of it. Somehow I managed to drag myself out for the whole day. I almost let the bus drive past me when I was going to the mall. I try to not drink more than one cup of coffee a day, but today it was needed. Treating myself tonight with fancy meatballs-in-tomatosauce pasta and some night cheese, to some yet undecided episodes of Star Trek Voyager (any suggestions? Preferably season 4 and after).

Malin out.

15 June 2013

Who is the lamb and who is the knife?

We're having a barbecue in the rain and I'm taking hobo-chic to a new level putting shit together. At least the rain is good for my flowers. And also, I've redecorated, so new backgrounds for the cam-shots are happening.

Malin out.

13 June 2013

New in

Vintage flower pattern bag, ebay fringe bag, Monki black denim jacket, Bikbok earrings, ebay mirror sunglasses, bikbok gray maxi skirt.

The flowery bag is the one I old you about the other day. If you think it looks weird in the way it's lying in the pic it's because it's my new "big bag" (aka the one I use when I need to bring half of my possessions with me somewhere) and it's full of stuff. I couldn't be bothered emptying it. It was only 50sek and I've been looking for just this kind of bag for the past couple of months. I have one in a similar style (this one), but I wanted one in black/dark and preferably also more pinkish colours that would go more easily with most of my outfits. So this one is perfect.

And the grey skirt is the same one as the black one in my previous "new in" post. I liked the black one so much, and I've been wearing it lots, that I decided I wanted it in more colours. Unfortunatly, grey is the only other colour available. But I love it, nonetheless. 

Can't type today. If only you knew how many times I've mistyped writing this post. Couldn't even spell "knew" just how. Thank god for spell checker.

Malin out.

ps. This is my 100th post on this blog!!! ds. 

12 June 2013

Picture Diary / 6-11 June / I really like roses, like REALLY

1. First and so far only trip to the beach this summer. No swimming, nor sunscreen for me. But only minor burns though, because I am Borg.

2. Can't wait for the Alchemist rose to bloom. It's my favourite and hopefully it will climb all over that wood structure and it will be magical.

3. I got these roses from work. Imagine my joy when they were giving away my favourite colour (I have such a weakness for pink/yellowish ones).

4. With some help from my mum I now have a mini garden on our terrace. 'S gonna be grand.

5. Sometimes I get a feeling I could wear colourful outfits bit then I think hmm... better not.

6. My duckface. I'm sorry, I can't stop.

7. Lovisa and I at the mall bathroom because why not?

11 June 2013


Outfit credits: Gina Tricot sweater and tee, Kappahl skirt, H&M sunglasses, DIY hairpiece, ebay bag, Dr Martens boots, assorted jewellery.

10 June 2013

Afternoon sun

Outfit credits: H&M tee, hat, shoes and earrings, Dr Denim jeans, Ebay fringe bag. Sweater is quite possibly also H&M, but I am unsure.

Late afternoon is probably the best time for me to take outfit photos on my terrace, because the lensflares are gorgeous and there's no sun in my eyes. 

Found the most gorgeous bag at the vintage shop at my mall today. I love it when I find cheap bags. I love having many many bags to chose from, rather than just a few expensive ones. I'm rarely lucky on that front when vintage shopping, so usually Ebay is my saviour. Like this crazy fringe thing I got in the mail today. And I got another one on the way as well. Gonna try and remember to make a "new in" post for you tomorrow!

Malin out.

08 June 2013

Picture Diary/ 8 June / Of Modern Art

We made a spontaneous trip to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark. There was a exhibition with pop art and one with Yoko Ono that are pretty great. Both of these pictures are from the Yoko Ono one. There was this tree were you could hang notes with your wishes (Japan style), and some of them were better than others (none of these are mine). 

Translation of the notes: Horse / Wish for happiness, clothes, an owl and money / I wish for a train / Peace on Earth and a permanent job / I want to learn how to ride a bike. 

Malin Out.

ps. If you have Google+, add me to your circles! (Is it called circles in English? I just noticed that all my Google based sites are in Swedish, which is confusing me, because everything else I use (including my computer and phone) are in English. Need to check if I can change that.) I'm fiding g+ kinda fun, and it would be even more fun if some more people were actually following me.. ds.

06 June 2013


Outfit credits: Famous Ape vintage camo jacket (with ebay Star Trek patches), Gina Tricot bodycon dress, H&M sunglasses and hat, Topshop backpack, skopunkten creepers.

This is from a couple of days ago, but I haven't had the time to import the pictures from the camera before today.

I'm done with school for this term now (unless I have to complement my essay). I've got some more days of work this month, then I have some time off in July and August. It's so weird, I haven't had July off since I graduated high school. But I'm going to Scotland for ten days, and I have some other projects for my flat and the garden in mind, so I'll be keeping myself occupied.

And some fun news: I've been selected as one of the top ten bloggers of May 2013 on a web page called yournextdress.com. Cool, huh?! Check it out here. I laughed when I read what they wrote about me (I was not involved in this at all beforehand, I had no idea before I got the e-mail saying I had been featured). Apparently I have a "strangely dark yet light style". Somehow accurate, though, isn't it?

Malin out.

05 June 2013

Picture Diary / 5 June / Graduation and cousins

My cousin Lina (the one in the hat) graduated "high school" (gymnasiet in Sweden, if you're from here you know what it means) today, so we were at her graduation party tonight. Lina is the one of my cousins that I'm the closest to (I have 8 cousins and 1 more on the way). The others in the pictures are my (YOUNGER) sister Sara (that you may recognise) and Minna, my third youngest cousin (fourth if you count the one not yet born). I have a pretty big family, and they're also all pretty great. It's a good job we're so many so we get to meet at all the birthdays and graduations! Imagine though, when Minna's younger sister Lova (who is seven) graduates, I will be in my early thirties. Cray.

Malin out. 

ps. In case you were wondering about anything, my outfit is basically all H&M, apart form the skirt, which is from ebay. ds.

03 June 2013

Picture Diary / 31 May - 3 June / Identity though Fiction

I thought I didn't have that many iphone photos since my last picture diary, but I was severely mistaken. I miscalculated so badly that this is like half of them. But it's the most recent ones and some that hasn't been on my instagram, so yeah. Whatever, here you go:

1. Sara says I look like Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. If I were so lucky. 

2. JERI RYAN tweeted two whole sentences to me. I am basically dead. And also, the link I sent her was from my own channel, so she as actually been on my youtube. I sincerely hope she didn't explore it further than the video I linked, because omg. 

3. I suck at DIY Froyo.

4. So does Sara. We really can't handle proportions.

5. Nerdiest necklace in the history of time. Though it says "THE JANEWAY" now. I got this set where you got a bunch of letters to do your own, and this was my third idea of what to write. First was "STAR TREK VOYAGER", but there were not enough Ts or Rs, and second was "SEVEN OF NINE", but there wasn't enough Ns and Es. I've ordered more of these for letters now, but until I get them, it's the Janeway, aka the right way.

6. Face.

7. Best jacket ever. I obviously don't have a problem with obsession. I think it's funny though, that these days there are actually people I don't know who know who I am because of Star Trek Voyager and Jeri Ryan. So weird. Because even though I've been a ST:VOY fan since forever, it was only a few months back I really got back into it. But it's my thing at the moment. It's how I do things. I let TV-shows and other stuff like that become my entire identity, and it's my escape and  how I stay sane in everyday life. I live a pretty wicked life in my head. It's all I think about. I kinda wish I could just quit my bachelor, join Starfleet and live in space for the rest of my life. Sigh.

Working tomorrow, then I'm probably gonna hang some with my classmates, since we won't be having much or any more school together as a class, since next year is graduation year, and we get to pick our own classes for next semester, then we do our individual degree projects. So we're hopefully having some sort of last get-together. It's a bit sad, I'll miss them! But that's life, isn't it?

Malin out.

01 June 2013

Row to row

Outfit credits: Missguided crop top. Gina Tricot maxi skirt, New Look bag. Famous Ape sunglasses.