10 June 2013

Afternoon sun

Outfit credits: H&M tee, hat, shoes and earrings, Dr Denim jeans, Ebay fringe bag. Sweater is quite possibly also H&M, but I am unsure.

Late afternoon is probably the best time for me to take outfit photos on my terrace, because the lensflares are gorgeous and there's no sun in my eyes. 

Found the most gorgeous bag at the vintage shop at my mall today. I love it when I find cheap bags. I love having many many bags to chose from, rather than just a few expensive ones. I'm rarely lucky on that front when vintage shopping, so usually Ebay is my saviour. Like this crazy fringe thing I got in the mail today. And I got another one on the way as well. Gonna try and remember to make a "new in" post for you tomorrow!

Malin out.

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