28 June 2013

Good to have service

I was gonna name this post "good to be home", but then I realised it's not so much being home (I can't wait until I go away again on Monday) as having service on my phone again. My cousin's family's summer house is on the countryside on an island (Ă–land) and 90% of the time there I has no service, so I couldn't call, text or go on the internet. They did have wifi in the house though, so I wasn't completely dead to the world. And I still had a really great time. I'm not as addicted to the internet as you might think. I am more than able to let it go and just enjoy being with my family and do stuff. But in combination with not being able to call or text, it's quite annoying.

Anyway, since I'm leaving for Scotland on Monday morning, and I'm gone for ten days, I need to go to the mall today and get stuff I'm gonna need. So yeah. I touched up my pink hair this morning, and I'm having a great hair day! Not my best outfit day, perhaps, but I'm gonna try and take some photos of it for you anyway. And here's a teaser: It's all black!

Gotta get my shit together and leave now. 

Malin out.

ps. Jeri Ryan replied to one of my tweets again (5th time!). I love her, she's perf. ds.

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