17 June 2013

It's hot hot

I decided I needed a change. It's Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink diluted as fuck. I heard Manic Panic lasts a little longer than Directions (which I usually use), and it's not that much more expensive than I thought. And apparently I have 10% student discount at Shock, where I buy my unnatural hair dye. Gotta love Shock, they're always SO sweet to me and helpful. If you live in or close to Malmö and want to dye your hair in a crazy colour, I totally recommend going there and ask for help. I've been doing so since I was 14/15. 

I've always wanted to have pink hair over the summer, but I've never felt I could due to the nature of old my summer job. But since I don't work there anymore, I'm all in this summer!

Malin out.

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