13 June 2013

New in

Vintage flower pattern bag, ebay fringe bag, Monki black denim jacket, Bikbok earrings, ebay mirror sunglasses, bikbok gray maxi skirt.

The flowery bag is the one I old you about the other day. If you think it looks weird in the way it's lying in the pic it's because it's my new "big bag" (aka the one I use when I need to bring half of my possessions with me somewhere) and it's full of stuff. I couldn't be bothered emptying it. It was only 50sek and I've been looking for just this kind of bag for the past couple of months. I have one in a similar style (this one), but I wanted one in black/dark and preferably also more pinkish colours that would go more easily with most of my outfits. So this one is perfect.

And the grey skirt is the same one as the black one in my previous "new in" post. I liked the black one so much, and I've been wearing it lots, that I decided I wanted it in more colours. Unfortunatly, grey is the only other colour available. But I love it, nonetheless. 

Can't type today. If only you knew how many times I've mistyped writing this post. Couldn't even spell "knew" just how. Thank god for spell checker.

Malin out.

ps. This is my 100th post on this blog!!! ds. 

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