08 June 2013

Picture Diary/ 8 June / Of Modern Art

We made a spontaneous trip to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark. There was a exhibition with pop art and one with Yoko Ono that are pretty great. Both of these pictures are from the Yoko Ono one. There was this tree were you could hang notes with your wishes (Japan style), and some of them were better than others (none of these are mine). 

Translation of the notes: Horse / Wish for happiness, clothes, an owl and money / I wish for a train / Peace on Earth and a permanent job / I want to learn how to ride a bike. 

Malin Out.

ps. If you have Google+, add me to your circles! (Is it called circles in English? I just noticed that all my Google based sites are in Swedish, which is confusing me, because everything else I use (including my computer and phone) are in English. Need to check if I can change that.) I'm fiding g+ kinda fun, and it would be even more fun if some more people were actually following me.. ds.

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