26 June 2013

Picture Diary / 15 - 21 June / 100000 times more

Look, I had time!!

1. Some of the worlds coolest people.

2. The worlds coolest people. I hosted a get together for some of my high school classmates. If you've been around for over three years, you might know I had the greatest high school class ever. Never thought I'd be one of those people who'd miss HS like crazy. 

3. Malin's got a gun. No, but really, since my sisters are super athletic, my dad tries to make is presence worthwhile at all the competitions my parents go to, so he's a judge for track and field. At the national team championships not long ago, he came up to us at the stand with the starter's gun. I wasn't allowed to hold my finger over the trigger, he was afraid I'd fire... My sister's team (MAI) won, btw.

4. The Perfect Bag.

5. I have to say; I feel about 10000000 times hotter in pink hair.

6. Princess haaaiiiir.

7. It's also 1000000000 times more fun taking selfies with pink hair.

I hope I'm having a great time right now. I have absolutely no idea what I might be doing when this post is published. Probably (hopefully) chilling on a terrace with my family, watching the sun beginning to set. Fingers crossed. 

Malin out.

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