03 June 2013

Picture Diary / 31 May - 3 June / Identity though Fiction

I thought I didn't have that many iphone photos since my last picture diary, but I was severely mistaken. I miscalculated so badly that this is like half of them. But it's the most recent ones and some that hasn't been on my instagram, so yeah. Whatever, here you go:

1. Sara says I look like Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. If I were so lucky. 

2. JERI RYAN tweeted two whole sentences to me. I am basically dead. And also, the link I sent her was from my own channel, so she as actually been on my youtube. I sincerely hope she didn't explore it further than the video I linked, because omg. 

3. I suck at DIY Froyo.

4. So does Sara. We really can't handle proportions.

5. Nerdiest necklace in the history of time. Though it says "THE JANEWAY" now. I got this set where you got a bunch of letters to do your own, and this was my third idea of what to write. First was "STAR TREK VOYAGER", but there were not enough Ts or Rs, and second was "SEVEN OF NINE", but there wasn't enough Ns and Es. I've ordered more of these for letters now, but until I get them, it's the Janeway, aka the right way.

6. Face.

7. Best jacket ever. I obviously don't have a problem with obsession. I think it's funny though, that these days there are actually people I don't know who know who I am because of Star Trek Voyager and Jeri Ryan. So weird. Because even though I've been a ST:VOY fan since forever, it was only a few months back I really got back into it. But it's my thing at the moment. It's how I do things. I let TV-shows and other stuff like that become my entire identity, and it's my escape and  how I stay sane in everyday life. I live a pretty wicked life in my head. It's all I think about. I kinda wish I could just quit my bachelor, join Starfleet and live in space for the rest of my life. Sigh.

Working tomorrow, then I'm probably gonna hang some with my classmates, since we won't be having much or any more school together as a class, since next year is graduation year, and we get to pick our own classes for next semester, then we do our individual degree projects. So we're hopefully having some sort of last get-together. It's a bit sad, I'll miss them! But that's life, isn't it?

Malin out.

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