05 June 2013

Picture Diary / 5 June / Graduation and cousins

My cousin Lina (the one in the hat) graduated "high school" (gymnasiet in Sweden, if you're from here you know what it means) today, so we were at her graduation party tonight. Lina is the one of my cousins that I'm the closest to (I have 8 cousins and 1 more on the way). The others in the pictures are my (YOUNGER) sister Sara (that you may recognise) and Minna, my third youngest cousin (fourth if you count the one not yet born). I have a pretty big family, and they're also all pretty great. It's a good job we're so many so we get to meet at all the birthdays and graduations! Imagine though, when Minna's younger sister Lova (who is seven) graduates, I will be in my early thirties. Cray.

Malin out. 

ps. In case you were wondering about anything, my outfit is basically all H&M, apart form the skirt, which is from ebay. ds.

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