12 June 2013

Picture Diary / 6-11 June / I really like roses, like REALLY

1. First and so far only trip to the beach this summer. No swimming, nor sunscreen for me. But only minor burns though, because I am Borg.

2. Can't wait for the Alchemist rose to bloom. It's my favourite and hopefully it will climb all over that wood structure and it will be magical.

3. I got these roses from work. Imagine my joy when they were giving away my favourite colour (I have such a weakness for pink/yellowish ones).

4. With some help from my mum I now have a mini garden on our terrace. 'S gonna be grand.

5. Sometimes I get a feeling I could wear colourful outfits bit then I think hmm... better not.

6. My duckface. I'm sorry, I can't stop.

7. Lovisa and I at the mall bathroom because why not?

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