06 June 2013


Outfit credits: Famous Ape vintage camo jacket (with ebay Star Trek patches), Gina Tricot bodycon dress, H&M sunglasses and hat, Topshop backpack, skopunkten creepers.

This is from a couple of days ago, but I haven't had the time to import the pictures from the camera before today.

I'm done with school for this term now (unless I have to complement my essay). I've got some more days of work this month, then I have some time off in July and August. It's so weird, I haven't had July off since I graduated high school. But I'm going to Scotland for ten days, and I have some other projects for my flat and the garden in mind, so I'll be keeping myself occupied.

And some fun news: I've been selected as one of the top ten bloggers of May 2013 on a web page called yournextdress.com. Cool, huh?! Check it out here. I laughed when I read what they wrote about me (I was not involved in this at all beforehand, I had no idea before I got the e-mail saying I had been featured). Apparently I have a "strangely dark yet light style". Somehow accurate, though, isn't it?

Malin out.

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