20 June 2013

The word is on the street that the fire in your heart is out

Outfit credits: Missguided dress, H&M hat, scarf and sunglasses, Dr Martens boots, assorted jewellery.

Long, pink hair is the best, I tell ya. I want my hair to be like this always. And I gotta hand it to Manic Panic. I washed my hair thoroughly two times since I dyed it and it has hardly faded at all. After two washes, Directions is usually halfway to washed out.

This dress was originally a maxi dress (this one), but I cut it off, because the fit and length really wasn't very flattering to my height (159cm).

Anywa-hay, for three days I thought I was working today, but yesterday afternoon they cancelled my shift, so my whole plan for yesterday and today was completely messed up. I had planned to blog last night before bed, but then suddenly I didn't have to go to bed early anymore, so I ended up being distracted by reading fanfiction and before I knew it it was past midnight. But you get this fabulous outfit post today instead, which definitely wouldn't have happened if I had been at work all day! So it's a win/win/lose/lose or something. I'm gonna stop there. 

Malin out.

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