31 July 2013

Picture Diary / 29-31 July / Selfies

1. *almost twins* No, but really. I don't know how much I've actually told you about Sara, or if I only think that I have, but we're really close in age (I'm 20 months older), so most of the time it feels as if we're twins. Anyway, we're besties for life.

2. Somehow I've ended up looking exactly how I didn't want to look six years ago. Funny how things turn out, isn't it?

3. I walked through the sun and the rain. Quite literally. 

4. You get one quess on which is my favourite pair of sunnies this summer. Also, let me tell you something: 200g of extra hair on your head is fucking painful after a few hours.

And speaking of... well, yours truly,  I was interviewed by the very lovely Brazilian blogger Jaqueline Illoz for her blog TrashyVogue.com! You can read the interview here. It's in Portuguese, but if you google translate it, it's pretty alright anyway. So go do that!

Malin out.

30 July 2013

I'll let you in on a dirty secret

Outfit credits: H&M hat and sunglasses, Gina Tricot open back tee, ebay shorts/skirt, Topshop backpack, Skopunkten boots.

It seems like EVERYONE has these shorts. I've been sceptical, because I been finding them a bit too fancy for my personal style, and this good old thought "I can't have something everyone else has" kept nagging me in the back of my head. But then I saw someone who had done an all-black outfit with them (and we all know that's my kinda outfit!), and it just looked so good I wanted to do it too! And then I also remembered that "everyone else has one" is never an excuse for me to not get something I want. I so got them off eBay and now I totally see the appeal. I mean, it's shorts that looks like a skirt! Doesn't get any better.

There was something else I was going to write as well, but I forgot what... So nevermind.

Malin out.

29 July 2013

You know me

Got my new set(s) of extensions today. It took literally THE WHOLE DAY, but I've finally got them wearable. Probably gonna die from heat stroke if I wear 'em out though, if this weather doesn't budge soon. But I shouldn't complain. I should memorize it and think of it when the winter comes. 

Rewatching NTSF:SD:SUV:: because Kove.

Malin out.

28 July 2013


Outfit credits: Bikbok sunglasses and top, H&M skirt, Gina Tricot earrings, DIY headband.

It was so freaking hot today I could literally not do anything. I tried cleaning, taking outfit photos, writing, reading, and so on, but after like a minute I just I can't do this, I can't function. LUCKY FOR YOU, one photo still turned out usable. I was experimenting with hairstyles, which was also a bad idea, because I ended up burning myself on the curling iron on my fingers and forehead. It turned out much like I wanted it though, but of course it was to hot to wear it longer than five minutes. 

Malin out.

ps. Why is it that when you put a playlist on shuffle on the music player on your iPhone, that the first song you play then never plays again, even if you have the list on repeat? Fucking annoying. ds.

25 July 2013

Too real

Outfit credits: H&M tee, Monki denim shorts, ebay bag, jacket from some random shop in Paris (it's the one with the Lady Gaga V magazine cover printed on the back), Skopunkten boots, assorted jewellery.

Feels like I'm wearing variations of the same outfit every day. Which I'm not, I notice as I look at my recent outfit posts. Curious. This is the best summer we've had in Sweden for years. I mean, today it's been raining but I'm still wearing shorts. 

Can't wear my hair down because I hate the length of it so much that I have to chant to myself every morning "don't cut it, don't cut it, don't cut it". This always happens when I try to grow my hair long again, which is why I always fail to do so. But this time I won't let my hair-OCD get the better of me! Besides, I have new extensions on the way.

Also, love this tee from H&M, because the print is about as inaccurate in relation to me that it's almost accurate. Very meta.

Another thing that has happened since my last blog post is that I've watched all available episodes of NTSF:SD:SUV:: (I finally got the hang of the name just now). I started watching it because of Kate Mulgrew (obviously), but it's honestly hilarious. So a shout out to my irl friends: I need you to watch this asap, so I can make references that you'll understand! You can do it, there are only 27 episodes so far, and they're about 11min long! That's less than 5h (approximately), which is something I find reasonable for you to spend on our friendship!

Malin out!

23 July 2013

Plain as day

Outfit credits: H&M tee, shorts (DIY) and sunglasses, Topshop bag, Gina Tricot belt and cross necklace, Skopunkten boots.

I've been in search for boots the these for months (here's a tip for you: don't try to find typical fall boots in the late spring, it's just not gonna happen), and yesterday I finally got this pair at Skopunkten. Just plain black boots with absolutely nothing going on. Love them.

Malin out.

22 July 2013


Outfit credits: Lace dress from some random shop on Mallorca, H&M sunglasses and long tank top, Topshop bag, Dr Martens boots, assorted jewellery.

Out of the shadow

Figured it was about my precious DVD boxes stepped out of the shadow behind me. 

It's fucking hot outside. As I understand it, it is not only Sweden that is being hit with a heat wave. I shouldn't be complaining, and say rather this than the freezing cold in the winter, but right now I'm not so sure. I'm Scandinavian, it's not in my genetics to deal with this heat. I can't wear my hair down and I can't wear make up without wanting to rip my head off (but I do the latter anyway).

Have to go into town and get groceries. I hope I survive. 

Malin out. 

ps. I was at a nighclub this weekend! Like properly. Drinking (low alcohol) ciders before, dancing, and getting home closer to morning than evening. If you know me at all you know I've NEVER done this before. Like really. NEVER. This is a summer of firsts. Yolo. ds.

21 July 2013

Picture Diary / 20 July / Ye Tall

I was gonna do a picture diary post with instagram photos, but there was just so many since last time I did one, and I couldn't be bothered going through them all. So you're just getting this photo of Lovisa and I, from yesterday. It's so sad how both my baby sisters are so much bigger than me (this is an unfortunate angle, though). Lovisa is fifteen and maybe 7-8cm taller than me, and Sara is twenty and almost 15 cm taller.

I'm pretty sure I haven't told you (unless you follow me on twitter or are friends with me on fb) that this little bugger have qualified to the Junior European Championships in Taekwondo in Portugal this September! Her first year as a junior! I am so proud of her! She's got some serious talent, and I know she can do really well if she's in the right mind frame! It's crazy that both of my sisters have/will have competed for the Swedish national taekwondo team.

Malin out.

19 July 2013


Just a regular selfie for no other reason than that I was bored with make up on. In the background you can spot the two loves of my life: Star Trek Voyager and potato chips. Also notice the tanlines around my tattoos. That's what happens when you put spf 50 on them and then nothing on the rest of your arm (I've got great pigment and live in Sweden so I barely need sunscreen when sunbathing). Also my hair is almost grey because I know how to work that silver shampoo.

Malin out.

18 July 2013

Picture Diary / 1-7 July / Scotland via iPhone pt 2

1. In Inchree. It was actually a really nice place, despite what the signs way have suggested.

2. The second to last day was so warm my iPhone overheated. No joke. In Scotland, who would have thought?

3. Mary, Queen of Scots: Edinburgh's favourite person of all times ever in the history of the universe.

4. Best shelf at HMV. I got season one as well. Because I really wanted the extra material where Kate Mulgrew talks about playing Captain Janeway for 15minutes (after discovering the one with Jeri Ryan about Seven of Nine on season 4).

5. Have you noticed that Pepsi makes tastes a bit of chlorine?

17 July 2013

New Black

Outfit credits: H&M tee, skirt and sunglasses, Primark flats, Topshop backpack, assorted jewellery.

I am uncertain when I decided that heroin chic Barbie doll was the look for me, but it appears it's happening. I think it's the tan+the blonde hair that does it. Junkie Skipper, that's me at the moment. Only problem is that I find it pretty gross to have make-up on my face when it's warm outside. Had to wipe that shit off today.

I started watching a new show a few days ago. Which naturally means I've almost finished it. It's called Orange is the New Black, and it's about a women's prison. It's alright, but I do fast-forward through stuff sometimes when there's too much drama. Generally cannot stand drama shows. But I really prefer female-centred shows, which OitNB obviously is, being set in a women's prison. Most shows I watch usually has at least one, preferably more, female lead, with very few exceptions. It's not a feminist thing (though, I am one). I have just never related to male characters, ever in my life. My point is that, despite being a drama show, OitNB is pretty good. Mostly I watch for Kate Mulgrew (who plays Captain Janeway in ST:VOY), who's real badass in it.

Malin out.

15 July 2013


If you follow me on twitter (which you should, 'cause I'm hilarious and not annoying at all), you know I'm blonde again. Mostly because I got sick having to match the pink. I managed to get back my white, silvery shade without any hastle. If you want to know I use Schwarzkopf Brilliance 818 Icy Pearl Blonde, and then silver shampoo for about 20 minutes in the next wash. But the Blonde shades in the Brilliance line is not bleach, just regular dye, so it only works if you already have light hair.

With blonde hair, a tan, and my new bright pink lipstick from Primark I look a bit like a Barbie doll. Or a Skipper doll, as Malvina and I concluded at the mall earlier. I'm too sassy for Barbie.

If you follow me on twitter you have probably also heard about my collarbone (or rather the flesh around it) that's gone crazy on me and swelled up, for no apparent reason whatsoever. Like really, we have no idea what happened. It was increadibly painful for a couple of days and I had to take painkillers to be able to move my shoulder, then the pain lessened drastically (it's very faint now, almost gone), but it remains just as swollen. Super weird. You can almost tell in these pictures (especially the second one). I'm starting to wonder if my collarbones were always this uneven, and that I just didn't notice until now...

And I'm also just casually showing of my Voyager DVDs in the background. Totally not planned. 

Malin out. 

13 July 2013

Picture Diary / 1-7 July / Scotland via iPhone pt 1

1. With the right filter I could pretend I was in space.

2. Ms Too-cool-for-life at Edinburgh Airport.

3. Dad and I at Hard Rock Café in Edinburgh. We always go there in every city we visit that has one. Flippin' my mum because she was making fun of me (don't worry, she can handle it). 

4. Whenever I'm in the UK I feel the urge to try biscuits I've seen people eat in British TV-shows to find out if they're tasty. Jam tarts (eaten in Wire in the Blood) are alright, pink wafers (frequently talked about in Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes) not so much.

5. Lovisa questioned my choice in getting season 4. 'But Jeri Ryan is on the cover!' was my justification. 

6. We might have seen wild dolphins at this beach (don't remember it's name, but it was located within reasonable driving distance from Inverness). Or they were the weirdest waves. We were very excited nevertheless.

7. Dad was taking a whisky tour at Isle of Skye, and while we were waiting for him we walked up a hill and bought ice cream from the Oyster Shed. The man selling them said he liked my hair colour. The ice cream was delicious. 

Part two coming soon!

12 July 2013

Midnight selfie

Because why the fuck not. Just got home. I was gonna catch up with Rizzoli & Isles tonight, but that's clearly not going to happen. Just gonna head for bed and read me some fanfiction. 

Malin out.

11 July 2013

Picture Diary / 1-10 July / Scotland

HONEY I'M HOME. We've been a little bit of everywhere in Scotland. Edinburgh, naturally, and Inverness, Pitlockry, Inchree, Fort William and Isle of Skye. We've seen a little bit of everything too, Loch Ness, Stirling Castle and the viaduct that the Hogwarts train go on! We might have seen wild dolphines as well, but we're not 100% sure. 

Today I've dyed my hair and started unpacking. And unpacking naturally means pouring the contents of my suitcase on the floor. Once I get to sorting it out, I'll try and do a "new in"-post with my shopping. 

Malin out.