17 July 2013

New Black

Outfit credits: H&M tee, skirt and sunglasses, Primark flats, Topshop backpack, assorted jewellery.

I am uncertain when I decided that heroin chic Barbie doll was the look for me, but it appears it's happening. I think it's the tan+the blonde hair that does it. Junkie Skipper, that's me at the moment. Only problem is that I find it pretty gross to have make-up on my face when it's warm outside. Had to wipe that shit off today.

I started watching a new show a few days ago. Which naturally means I've almost finished it. It's called Orange is the New Black, and it's about a women's prison. It's alright, but I do fast-forward through stuff sometimes when there's too much drama. Generally cannot stand drama shows. But I really prefer female-centred shows, which OitNB obviously is, being set in a women's prison. Most shows I watch usually has at least one, preferably more, female lead, with very few exceptions. It's not a feminist thing (though, I am one). I have just never related to male characters, ever in my life. My point is that, despite being a drama show, OitNB is pretty good. Mostly I watch for Kate Mulgrew (who plays Captain Janeway in ST:VOY), who's real badass in it.

Malin out.

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