22 July 2013

Out of the shadow

Figured it was about my precious DVD boxes stepped out of the shadow behind me. 

It's fucking hot outside. As I understand it, it is not only Sweden that is being hit with a heat wave. I shouldn't be complaining, and say rather this than the freezing cold in the winter, but right now I'm not so sure. I'm Scandinavian, it's not in my genetics to deal with this heat. I can't wear my hair down and I can't wear make up without wanting to rip my head off (but I do the latter anyway).

Have to go into town and get groceries. I hope I survive. 

Malin out. 

ps. I was at a nighclub this weekend! Like properly. Drinking (low alcohol) ciders before, dancing, and getting home closer to morning than evening. If you know me at all you know I've NEVER done this before. Like really. NEVER. This is a summer of firsts. Yolo. ds.

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