13 July 2013

Picture Diary / 1-7 July / Scotland via iPhone pt 1

1. With the right filter I could pretend I was in space.

2. Ms Too-cool-for-life at Edinburgh Airport.

3. Dad and I at Hard Rock CafĂ© in Edinburgh. We always go there in every city we visit that has one. Flippin' my mum because she was making fun of me (don't worry, she can handle it). 

4. Whenever I'm in the UK I feel the urge to try biscuits I've seen people eat in British TV-shows to find out if they're tasty. Jam tarts (eaten in Wire in the Blood) are alright, pink wafers (frequently talked about in Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes) not so much.

5. Lovisa questioned my choice in getting season 4. 'But Jeri Ryan is on the cover!' was my justification. 

6. We might have seen wild dolphins at this beach (don't remember it's name, but it was located within reasonable driving distance from Inverness). Or they were the weirdest waves. We were very excited nevertheless.

7. Dad was taking a whisky tour at Isle of Skye, and while we were waiting for him we walked up a hill and bought ice cream from the Oyster Shed. The man selling them said he liked my hair colour. The ice cream was delicious. 

Part two coming soon!

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