21 July 2013

Picture Diary / 20 July / Ye Tall

I was gonna do a picture diary post with instagram photos, but there was just so many since last time I did one, and I couldn't be bothered going through them all. So you're just getting this photo of Lovisa and I, from yesterday. It's so sad how both my baby sisters are so much bigger than me (this is an unfortunate angle, though). Lovisa is fifteen and maybe 7-8cm taller than me, and Sara is twenty and almost 15 cm taller.

I'm pretty sure I haven't told you (unless you follow me on twitter or are friends with me on fb) that this little bugger have qualified to the Junior European Championships in Taekwondo in Portugal this September! Her first year as a junior! I am so proud of her! She's got some serious talent, and I know she can do really well if she's in the right mind frame! It's crazy that both of my sisters have/will have competed for the Swedish national taekwondo team.

Malin out.

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